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We are using the affiliate system ShareASale. We may be able to use your ad as a ShareASale affiliate if we believe it would fit with our audience. Find out more about SaveAShare by clicking on the banner below.

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There are currently two ways to advertise on Amen Me!

1 - By sending out a sponsored tweet through Beacon Ads to our 834 followers, or

2 - By purchasing ad space on the ad bar and get 10,000 page views.

Each option only costs $10. Visit: Beacon Ads. To get an ad on Amen Me!

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Amen Me! offers advertising through Beacon Ads. If you want to advertise here, just sign up for an Beacon Ads account and purchase ad space on this site or buy tweets, or sign up for Google AdWords and target this site's ads.

Sponsor Ad Space and Statistics

Amen Me! offers ad space to our sponsors. We receive an estimated 20,000 views a month.

Amen Me! has over 29,000 registered members with new members signing up every day. Thousands more come just to visit.

Amen Me! is currently among the more popular sharing sites on the AddThis sharing service.

The Audience

This site serves Bible-believing Christians. Members interact with the site and submit their own works for viewing. The media on the site covers a very wide range of topics appeals to a large number of people with different interests.

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Amen Me! has over 500 Twitter followers. Through Beacon Ads, you can sponsor a Tweet and get your message out fast. Twitter ads are text-based so it is easy to do if you know what you want to say in 140 characters or less. Just make a Beacon Ads account and request to send out to Amen Me's followers.

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