How to submit a new site to Amen Me

*** Submitters are selected by the editors. Submissions are now by invitation only ***

1) Sign-in to Amen Me!

Before you submit a site, you must first be an Amen Me! member and an authorized submitter. If you are not a member yet, go to the registration page and sign up. If you are a member, make sure that you are signed in before you try to submit new sites. To sign-in, choose "sign in" from the navigation options at the top of the screen under the Amen Me! banner. Figure 1 shows the sign-in option in the top navigation bar.

The sign-in option

Figure 1. The sign-in option on the top navigation bar

If your navigation bar says: "sign out" then you are already signed in.

2) Choose "submissions" on the navigation bar

The submissions option is on the navigation bar which is under the Amen Me! banner a the top of most Amen Me! pages. This only appears if you are an authorized submitter. Figure 2 below shows a picture of it.

The submit a site navigation option

Figure 2. The submissions option

If you choose this option and you are presented with a screen asking you to log in, you are not yet logged in or you have not become a member yet. Make sure you log in first by entering in your user name and password.

3) Enter a title for the site listing.

Locate the "Title" text box and enter a title for the site. This box is shown in figure 4 below:

A part of the banner image

Figure 3. The Title Text Box

Make sure that you include a good title because this is an important when being judged for display on Amen Me!. Titles need to represent the site and should not contain mispellings or web addresses.

4) Enter the web address of the site into the URL text box.

Locate the URL text box that looks like the one in Figure 4.

A part of the banner image

Figure 5. The URL Text Box

It is a good idea to test the web address first to make sure that it works. One idea is to "cut" the address out of the address bar of your browser after you try it and see if it works and then "paste" it into this URL Text box.

5) Enter a description of the site into the "Description" text box.

Locate the Description text box that looks like the one in Figure 5.

A part of the banner image

Figure 6. The Description Text Box

Enter a good description for the site. Make sure that it describes the site and is not just a comment about it. This will make it easier for people to determine if they want to view it or not. Make sure it is spelled correctly (for the language category). Poor descriptions can keep the site from being listed on Amen Me!

6) Choose the best single category for this site to be listed under.

Locate the Category Drop-down Box that looks like the one in Figure 7 and choose an appropriate category for the site.

A part of the banner image

Figure 6. The Category Drop-down Box

Do your best to pick a good category. The category you choose may be changed, but choosing a good category to start off with gives it a better chance to be accepted.

7) Click the "Submit" button.

Locate the Submit Button that looks like the one in Figure 7 and click it. This will submit your new listing for review.

A part of the banner image

Figure 7. The Submit Button

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