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How to find what you like on Amen Me!...

Using Categories

One easy way to find new web sites in your area of interest is to click on a category link under one of the listings that you already like. If you look closely at each listing on the front page, for instance, you will see that after the description are a set of links in brackets ([]). The first link in brackets is the category that the site has been put in. If you click on that link it will take you to all of the links in that category.

For example, the "Christianity" category looks like this: [Christianity], and can be found under each site listing in that category. There are over 50 categories to choose from.

Another great way to use categories is to use the category drop-down. You can find it in the box above the listings on the starting page. Just open the list by clicking the arrow on the right of the category box and a whole list opens up. Just select the category you want to see by clicking on one and that category's list is automatically displayed.

There are some special categories in the category drop-down. If you want to see the very latest sites that have come into Amen Me!, choose the [Latest] category. If you want to see the all of the sites that you have already given an Amen! to, coose [My Amens]. To get back to the starting page view, choose [Popular], or just click anywhere on the top banner.

Using the Crossroads

The most powerful way to find what you like is to use the Crossroads . The Crossroads is Amen Me!'s technology for making suggestions about what you might want to see. We provide a "Next" button and when you press it, it takes you to the next site that we suggest for you.

The Crossroads work best if you give Amens! frequently. The more you Amen!, the smarter it gets and the more it is able to help you find sites from the thousands at Amen Me! that you might like.

Each time you click "Next" or "Amen", you are taken to the next suggestion automatically. This makes it so that you don't have to search through lists. You can just click "Amen!" and go directly to the next site.

You can get to the Crossroads by clicking on the "next" link in the navigation bar right underneath the banner.

Using My Amen Me!

My Amen Me! is your personal area. It allows you to find things you like fast because it provides you with special lists. It shows the following things:

  • Your top 5 favorite categories
  • Get email alerts for new items in categories you choose
  • Get access to all of the items you have already given an amen! to.

You can click on the items in these lists to take you to more content from these categories.


If you are looking for a specific thing, you can use Amen Me! search. It is located at the top of the starting page. Just type in a word or phrase about what you are looking for and hit the search button.

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