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Making a Difference with Amen Me

You can make a difference and have fun too by simply by giving out amens. When you do, the information goes to the top of the "recent" list on the front page of Amen Me and everyone who comes will be able to see it. Amen Me is also syndicated which means that other sites are listening to feeds we provide that show the popular and recent votes. Periodically, an Amen is also "tweeted" on Twitter to our more than 950 followers.

One amen takes a single click and it can actually make a difference.

So, without doing anything but voting for the truth, your voice is amplified. This makes Amen Me a powerful tool for spreading good information to others.

Get Amens Delivered to You

If you become a member, you gain access to the My Amen Me area. With it, you can sign up to have new information sent directly to your email box. There are lots of separate information categories to choose from and you can pick any number of them. You will also be able to save information for later.

Info Miners Wanted

If you become a member, you can become an Info Miner and actually bring new information into Amen Me. This new information is entered into the "latest" area of the site and broadcast as a text or email to everyone who is getting texts for the category that your submission is assigned to. Amen Me has thousands of members, so this means that when you post an approved listing, it could be sent out to hundreds of people who have specifically requested to know what is going on in that category. The My Amen Me app tracks how many amens you have received and from which members. You also have your own list of sites that you can share with others who want to follow your page. Just share the link to your page on Amen Me.

Benefits for Bloggers

If you have a blog that you think will fit here, you are welcome to submit your content for review. It's a safer place for Christians to share their blogs because you are likely to find people who want to read it here. Going through a site review takes some time but it can really be worth it.

Sharing Sites with Others

If you want to, you can share a site with people you know. When you find a link on Amen Me you want to send to others, just click the red AddThis plus sign underneath the link and choose email and it sends an email that you can address to your friends. You can also post the link to Facebook or Twitter or one of the other sharing services.

Your Voice is Heard

So, you can make a difference with what you have. Amen Me makes it possible for you to the speak out about current issues in a very tangible way without requiring you to be tallented at writing or speaking and without spending time you do don't have to give.

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