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Love your Neighbor as Yourself – Part 2 | INSPIKS

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Love your Neighbor as Yourself – Part 2 | INSPIKS
It is easy to spot if we show favoritism towards certain people, and more than likely we do, because the environments we grow up in usually program our brains to hold prejudgements in regard to many aspects of life including people.
Seattle Police Chief Resigns as Violence-Riddled Cities Slash Police Funds: 'Evil Will Take Over'
"You might not hear it from media outlets, but in Portland more than 270 federal officers have been injured protecting buildings since May. And here in Seattle, one day of recent rioting led to 59 officers getting wounded by rocks, bottles and improvised explosives. Still... some politicians are echoing the call to defund or even abolish the police."
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Dr. Jordan Peterson‘s lecture about postmodernism and the Marxist lie of white privilege.
This video was recorded two years ago, and it is more relevant today than it ever was.
Using Drones to Save Lives
What if it were possible to deliver urgently needed medical supplies to rural locations, without an airstrip, airplane, or even a pilot.
Colin Wright—an outspoken critic of creation—claims he has been “canceled” for speaking up on biological reality of male and female
This article also discusses the retraction of a recent study that asserted that sex reassignment surgery was helping to improve mental health. It also discusses the the danger that children now face.
Dr. Jordan Peterson’s PragerU video: Fix Yourself
“You are the problem you can’t change other people.”
Dawa, My Tribal Grandmother, Passes Away
Steve Saint remembers a key person in his life and in the lives of those who would later learn about Jesus.
The Destructive Influence of Pietism in American Society
"Pietists believe Christianity or God's Law has no place for the governance of society. They view involvement in public policy matters to be "unspiritual." Hence, the Pietist is constantly preoccupied with checking their motives, and listening to countless sermons on inter-personal relationships and self-improvement techniques."
Most Popular ways to Make Money on the Internet
95% of the people beginning in their internet businesses come up short?
Brazil's President Bolsonaro Credits Hydroxychloroquine with Helping Him Beat His COVID-19 Infection
Yet another person cured using hydroxychloroquine.
No masks required in South Dakota and they are doing fine
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem demonstrates the wonder of what Americans can do when they are free to solve their own problems.
Prospects dim for Christians in India
"He says ICC has identified more than 30 separate attacks on Christians at specific Christmas events in India. But Stark sees one bright spot in all of this: the state government did deploy security forces to churches on Christmas Day to protect Christians."
Blue states do badly on COVID while blaming Trump
Leftists are causing harm and blaming it on Trump. Laura Ingraham exposes COVID-19 lies.
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