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1:19 PMJohn MacArthur explains the Gospel in light of man's total depravityThe system of doctrine known as Arminianism is heresy. It is an offshoot from Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism. It has been adversely affecting the church and its doctrine for over 250 years.
2:00 PMProgressive creation—Preposterous Compromise - Creation Magazine Live Episode 9 Progressive creation is a relatively new idea about how to distort Genesis to get the millions of years into the Bible. This episode summarizes some of the major flaws behind this idea.
3:00 PMAWAYO - Fear to FaithSee the world through the eyes of a people controlled by fears of a different kind. Find out how God can use people to bring healing. Brought to you by New Tribes Mission.
3:09 PMWhat We Face In The Last Days - David HockingWhat should we expect as The Last Days continue to reveal themselves? David describes the characteristics of this world as we await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
4:06 PMValue of the Word of God - John MacArthurJohn McCarther decided not to preach a sermon but to share what is on his heart. Find out where the saying 'cook your goose' came from.
5:15 PMBlindfolded Chess Player and Creationist: Jonathan SarfatiJonathan Sarfati who learned to play chess blindfolded... several games at the same time... discusses his games, his books and problems with popular evolutionary ideas.
5:26 PMCan Yoga ever be Christian? - Christ in ProphesyCan yoga ever be Christian? Find out with guest Caryl Matrisciana on the show Christ in Prophecy.
5:55 PMSecret to human historySecret to human history—signatures show up in mitochondrial DNA confirming three major groupings—the wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth & and a young earth! This is part 5 of a series with Ken Ham and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson.
6:39 PMThe Myths of Science - Challenging the Myths of Astronomy - Chuck Missler in The Electric UniverseJesus Christ - Everything was made by Him and for Him. Chuck Missler Explains Jesus Christ unlike anyone I have ever heard, this will blow you away
8:22 PMNoah's Ark—Real or Ridiculous? - Creation Magazine Live - Episode 10The account of Noah and the Ark is one of the most attacked and ridiculed sections of the Bible. This program summarises and refutes some of the arguments against the feasibility of Noah's Ark as described in Genesis 6:14-16.
9:22 PMThe Message of The Gospel - John MacArthur - The Master's College ChapelDr. John MacArthur, President of The Master's College in Santa Clarita CA, teaches from 1 Corinthians chapter 1 on the shameful message of the cross that is the gospel sinners need to hear.
10:10 PMHow To Live In The Last Days - David HockingProphesy should change our lives. It isn't just information that's nice to know. David Hocking explains how prophesy should cause us to live in the last days.

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