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3:52 PMJosh Turner - Long Black TrainJosh Turner - Long Black Train
3:56 PMJesus! Name Above All Names - Emanuel Part 1Jesus! Name Above All Names - Emanuel Part 1
4:10 PM"Epicenter"~The Middle East (Complete Documentary) Joel RosenbergEpicenter is about:Change--big changes, dramatic changes, changes that will transform the world as we know it
5:11 PMSamaritan MinistriesFind out how Christians can help each other and replace health insurance.
5:19 PMThe Watchman: America, Israel and Bible ProphecyOn this edition of The Watchman, we're joined by White House correspondent Bill Koenig and Bible prophecy expert Bill Salus to discuss the America-Israel relationship, the Iran threat and what the Bible says about it.
5:41 PMWretched: Texas pro-choicers chant, "Hail Satan."Wretched: Texas pro-choicers chant, "Hail Satan."
5:43 PMThe Comfort Zone: Did God "Wind Up" the Universe & Leave?The Comfort Zone: Did God "Wind Up" the Universe & Leave?
6:16 PMBBC's The Lion, The Witch & The WardrobeBBC's "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" a wonderful classic from 1988.
9:09 PMProfiles in Righteousness - CorneliusHow deep was the righteous faithfulness of Cornelius? Find out as Dr. David Reagan tours the Holy Land on television's "Christ in Prophecy."
9:38 PMJack Hibbs Interviews Amir TsarfatiIsrael: Chosen or Forgotten? Is God finished with Israel? Who really has a right to the land? Palestinian or Jew? Pastor Jack and his special guest Amir Tsarfati discuss God's promises vs. Satan's plan to deceive the world.
10:06 PMThe island rule - Creation Magazine LiveFor many decades biologists have observed and recorded changes in animals isolated on islands away from mainland populations. Animals 'evolve' into smaller or larger varieties. Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith discuss what the 'island rule' is and how it relates to the creation-evolution debate.

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