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2:39 AMThe Myths of Science - Challenging the Myths of Astronomy - Chuck Missler in The Electric UniverseJesus Christ - Everything was made by Him and for Him. Chuck Missler Explains Jesus Christ unlike anyone I have ever heard, this will blow you away
4:22 AMNoah's Arkā€”Real or Ridiculous? - Creation Magazine Live - Episode 10The account of Noah and the Ark is one of the most attacked and ridiculed sections of the Bible. This program summarises and refutes some of the arguments against the feasibility of Noah's Ark as described in Genesis 6:14-16.
5:22 AMThe Message of The Gospel - John MacArthur - The Master's College ChapelDr. John MacArthur, President of The Master's College in Santa Clarita CA, teaches from 1 Corinthians chapter 1 on the shameful message of the cross that is the gospel sinners need to hear.
6:10 AMHow To Live In The Last Days - David HockingProphesy should change our lives. It isn't just information that's nice to know. David Hocking explains how prophesy should cause us to live in the last days.
7:08 AMEvolution vs. GodRay Comfort uses evolutionists own words to reveal that it doesn't really make sense. Is evolution scientific? Decide for yourself.
7:47 AMDr. Reagan's Antichrist Book - Christ in ProphesyLearn all about the Antichrist in Dr. David Reagan's newest book! Nathan Jones interviews him on the show Christ in Prophecy.
8:15 AMContending for the Faith in Perilous Times by Dave HuntWith so much apostasy in the Christian Church how can we contend for the true faith of Jesus Christ?
9:05 AMDinosaurs - The Lost World of the Bible - Chris AshcraftDinosaurs have inspired countless myths and legends, but where do the facts meet with the Bible? Paleontologists assert that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, long before humans ever walked the Earth. But, this view is in stark contrast to the creation account in Genesis, which states the both humans and land animals were created on the same day.
10:40 AMDesign and Logos in Biology: A. E. Wilder-SmithDr. Wilder-Smith discusses design in biology, thing that even Darwin knew nothing of.
11:36 AMThe Tower of Babel and the Origin of the Nations - Creation Magazine Live - Episode 13According to history recorded in the Bible everyone who has ever lived comes from Adam and Eve. At Babel, after Noah's flood, God created several language groups from a single language group, resulting in the dispersion of these groups all over the world.
12:35 PMMarriott Commercial Alice CooperThis was an old TV commercial that expresses something I think we need to hear.
12:36 PMA. E. Wilder-Smith: Logos in CommunicationWhat is happening when God's word is spoken? Another very important message by Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith.

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