Please Help Us Detect Unwanted Ads

It is my intent that ads both help you to find products and services that you want, as well as to help pay for Amen Me. The priviledge of not having to pay for Amen Me, comes with the responsibility to not click on ads that are unhealthy, such as ones that ask you to download and install software. I have made an effort to eliminate dangerous ads from this site, but I need your help.

Ads on Amen Me! are fed to us automatically from Google. Although they have agreed to not send certain types of ads, some still get through without Amen Me's approval. If you see a bad or questionable ad, please take the time to let us know so that we can block it. Just give us the Web address (URL) that shows at the bottom of the ad. If this is not available, give us the company name showing on the ad. We will do our best to block all future ads from that company if it proves to be inconsistent with our statement of faith.

Please send us an email at this address:

Thank you for helping keep Amen Me free of unwanted ads.

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