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OPEN LETTER TO OBAMA – From a proud Jew « Politics, Religion, and Family
I wonder if Obama can stand up & say Judaism is the TRUE religion of peace. Who have they terrorized lately or martyred w/suicide belts.Perhaps it’s time for American Jews to take stock & review how they failed the 6 million in Europe during World War II & now stand to fail the 6 million in Israel.
Politics • 1 comment • share • flagsave

Yes, it is such a shame people do not realise just how important the Jews are. God loves them, and they have been chosen by God as a witness both to what happens when people fail to keep the commandments and when the nation does. I have been reading so much recnetly in the prophets and in the new testement regarding the keeping of the Commandments in order to recieve the blessings of God which is long life and peace and abundant living. Peace with all nations will only come when people of all nations are under God. This is what we are all wanting at the end of the Day. Good for you standing up and saying your peice.
- suecpage

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