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Category: Order:
The Effects of Inflation
Let's consider the effects of inflation using terms that we can actually eat.
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
The Worst Advice I Have Ever Received From My Bank
"She told me that, as a young, married woman, if I didn’t have my own credit cards and bank account without my husband’s name on them, then I was putting myself at a serious risk. She, in no uncertain terms, recommended I open my own accounts and card without telling my husband so I’d be protected in case he left me and took all my money."
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Mortgage Reduction:: How To Pay Mortgage Early:: Why?
How to pay a mortgage early? Why would you want to do that? We are in a time of very low interest rates. This has been the lowest for 300 years, according to Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert.com. I have a lot of respect for Mr Lewis! However, I would disagree with him on this occasion
Financesshazwellyn • comment • share • flagsave
Mortgage Reduction:: How To Pay Mortgage Early
How to pay a mortgage early? This is no easy task. However, I have done it. I am mortgage free! How did I do it? Well this article will tell you. Mortgage reduction is not about the debt – it is about you!
Financesshazwellyn • comment • share • flagsave
I Just Want To Save My Money
So, you are at the point where you have decided to stay out of the market and all you really want to do is save what you have for later. The problem is, you haven’t found a way to save money for longer than a year or so, without feeling the effects of inflation.
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
5 Mistakes That Lead to Debt
"Have you ever thought about what causes debt? Most people who have accumulated debt didn’t do so on purpose. It’s usually because of a series of small mistakes, one huge accident, or an assumption that 'this is just the way it’s done.'"
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
The 3 Spending Stages of Your Retirement
"Popular thinking is that you’ll spend less once you retire, but that’s not what I’ve seen in my own clients, at least in the first few years."
Finances • comment • share • flagsave
3 Tips for Riding Out the Stock Market Volatility
"Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp urges investors to ignore the market noise and focus on their long-term goals."
Finances • comment • share • flagsave
Tax Benefits Kick In,  Some Americans Rush to Lighten Tax Load
This article reports that 91% of the middle-class will get a tax cut in 2018. It reports that some employers are already making changes to make life better for employees this year. It says that some will not need to itemize their deductions.
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Biblically Responsible Investing Honors God
"Celia also said the growth over the past nearly three decades in biblically responsible investing has been dramatic, but the progress in the past three years has been tremendous, as more people are learning how to commit only to those companies that are not participating in activities that are offensive to God."
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Money In The Way
God doesn't need our money, trust me. If God wants something done on earth that requires the insignificant-to-him, human only, element of cash, He will provide it.
FinancesInJesusSteps • 1 comment • share • flagsave
What Makes You Happy?
There is no lasting contentment with the stuff of this world even though it may give you a momentary rush of ephemeral happiness.
FinancesInJesusSteps • comment • share • flagsave
Should Christians give all their money to God?
This article considers whether Jesus' example of the widow who gave all she had to live on, was intended to be instruction on saving money. Is it wrong to save money? It's important to look at the whole Bible message, not just one passage.
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
How Congress Can Begin to Restore Financial Security
"Under Dodd-Frank, the people on Main Street pay higher prices for loans, have a harder time getting loans, and get stuck paying for bailouts and federal guarantees."
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave

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The Last Song
Our time on this earth is brief, even for those who live into their eighties, nineties and beyond.
Salvationmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave


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