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Category: Order:
Jews In Israel Coming To Faith In Increasing Numbers « David Hocking’s Hope For Today Blog
"When Jews for Jesus launched its Israel branch in 2000, its banners were torn down and workers beaten up by ultra-orthodox Jews who associated Christianity with the Holocaust. Now, Jews for Jesus has a staff of 31 and the world political situation has sparked greater interest in Jesus, Zaretsky said."
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Whom The Son Set Free: The Great Day of the Lord God Yahweh
Deliverance Promised by Yahweh to His people ISRAEL: Then the Lord will be zealous for His land And will have pity on His people. The Lord will answer and say to His people, “Behold, I am going to send you grain, new wine and oil, And you will be satisfied in full with them; And I will never again make you a reproach among the nations. "But I will remove the northern army far from you,
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Ayalon Institute where some unusual acts of "research" took place in the 1940s in Israel. Another powerful story of bravery and ingenuity by real Jewish freedom fighters.
Israel • comment • share • flagsave
The Roots and History of Jerusalem - David Hocking
David Hocking explains how the history of Jerusalem distinctly revolves around the Messiah.
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Joel Rosenberg on Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict
"Joel Rosenberg knows the Middle East better than most. Born to a Jewish father and a Gentile mother, the evangelical author, filmmaker and speaker once worked for Benjamin Netanyahu, who is now Israel’s prime minister... His nonprofit organization, The Joshua Fund, provides food, clothing, medical supplies and other aid to people on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict."
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
'Intolerable that Jews cannot pray on Temple Mount' - Israel Today | Israel News
Despite being the most holy site on earth for Jews and many Christians, both religious groups are barred from praying at or bringing Bibles to the Temple Mount for fear of a Muslim backlash.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Celebrating Jesus and Israel’s restoration on Mount Zion
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel
With remarkable clarity, Glenn Beck exposes the absurdity that must be accepted in order to support Israel's enemies.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Obama coming to Israel to push 'naive' agenda - Israel Today | Israel News
It would seem US President Barack Obama's first visit to Israel while in office has many important objectives, all of which risk putting Israel in a more dangerous position than it already is.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Tourism in Israel at Record High | Bible Prophecy Blog
"A visit to Israel [changes the life &] the soul of the person who visits Israel..," he says. "And as we use the slogan 'You'll never be the same,' so actually when you are there & [then] you return home, you feel that something changed in your life."
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
OBAMA IS THE SERVANT OF SATAN. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS THE SERVANT OF THE DEVIL HE SERVES!! {Never the less Lord...I KNOW that U know ALL.& what U allow is 4 Your Glory Alone & Your children Israel, & the Followers of UR dear Son, Jesus Christ, good. I lift up praying hands before U & UR Holy Name, even as I worship & Glorify U. Amen{
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Gaza cleric calls on Palestinians to stab Jews :: World Jewish Congress
A Gaza-based cleric gave a sermon at a Rafah mosque this past Friday encouraging Palestinians to stab Jews amid a surging wave of terror that has seen near-daily stabbing attacks against Israelis since the beginning of this month.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Obama in highly symbolic visit to Dead Sea Scrolls - Israel Today | Israel News
"The ancient Dead Sea Scrolls were written more than 2,000 years ago by Jews in Hebrew in their homeland, the land of Israel," Oren said on Israel's Channel 2 News. Obama's visiting this attraction "sends a message to the world about the Jewish state’s deep roots in this region."
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Growing Israeli interest in Yeshua (Jesus) :)
The Messianic ministry Revive Israel located just outside Jerusalem reports that its staff & partner ministries have experienced an upsurge in interest among secular & religious Israelis in the Person & ministry of Yeshua (Jesus). PRAISE GOD!!
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave

Random Selection:

VA reform: Another Obama 'success story'
So, Mr. President, how's it all working out in ridding our VA hospitals of what you called "inexcusable conduct"? About as well as every other "success story" you have signed your name to: abysmally, ineffectually and incompetently.
Military4Christ • comment • share • flagsave


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