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Category: Order:
Jews In Israel Coming To Faith In Increasing Numbers « David Hocking’s Hope For Today Blog
"When Jews for Jesus launched its Israel branch in 2000, its banners were torn down and workers beaten up by ultra-orthodox Jews who associated Christianity with the Holocaust. Now, Jews for Jesus has a staff of 31 and the world political situation has sparked greater interest in Jesus, Zaretsky said."
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Guatemala follows U.S. to Jerusalem
"Apparently, there was nothing fake or merely symbolic about Guatemala's support for the U.S. moving its embassy to Jerusalem in its United Nations vote last week. Guatemala is moving its own embassy to Jerusalem, too."
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Tourism in Israel at Record High | Bible Prophecy Blog
"A visit to Israel [changes the life &] the soul of the person who visits Israel..," he says. "And as we use the slogan 'You'll never be the same,' so actually when you are there & [then] you return home, you feel that something changed in your life."
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Palestinian leader calls for Arab invasion of Israel
That is why Abbas' remarks in Arabic, such as the one above, are regularly ignored by the world media & Western leaders. But Israelis warn that his views, & the influence they have an the Palestinian general public, ensure that a genuine & lasting peace is impossible to achieve.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Biblical Bedrock - The Abrahamic Covenant | Bible Prophecy Blog
The covenant stands. It is what it is. It is an everlasting statute. And according to it, God gave the land of Canaan to Abraham and to his bloodline via Isaac and Jacob – FOREVER.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Obama coming to Israel to push 'naive' agenda - Israel Today | Israel News
It would seem US President Barack Obama's first visit to Israel while in office has many important objectives, all of which risk putting Israel in a more dangerous position than it already is.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Pence Praises 'the Miracle of Israel,' Pledging to Open US Embassy in Jerusalem in 2019
This is great speech to watch. He sent the message that the United States seeks "fact over fiction." It was also expressed a desire to seek peace. He did appear to advocate pluralism in religion, however.
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Iran Threatens to Attack Israel with Missiles and the U.S. with Suicide Bombers, but White House Pressuring Israel to Do Nothing | Bible Prophecy Blog
Obama & Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu are scheduled 2 meet @ White House 4 talks on March 5. The PM is also expected 2 address the annual AIPAC policy conference & hold other meetings w/ senior Congressional officials. The big question for Obama appears 2 be: When is Israel planning 2 hit Iran, & is there any way "I" can stop Netanyahu from launching preemptive air strikes? WRONG ?!
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
No Disagreement between Hamas and Fatah :: Daniel Pipes
For those of us arguing that there's no fundamental difference between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, an interview of Mahmoud Abbas today by Salam Musafir of RT, the Russian television network, today comes as useful confirmation.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Whom The Son Set Free: The Great Day of the Lord God Yahweh
Deliverance Promised by Yahweh to His people ISRAEL: Then the Lord will be zealous for His land And will have pity on His people. The Lord will answer and say to His people, “Behold, I am going to send you grain, new wine and oil, And you will be satisfied in full with them; And I will never again make you a reproach among the nations. "But I will remove the northern army far from you,
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Displaced Israelis can use your help | Walid Shoebat
God has blessed Walid Shoebat by drawing him to Jesus, and now, because of things like this and his telling the truth about the Jewish people, He will bless him even more! :)
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
We Con The World : Israellycool
The funny folk of Latma have taken a stab at parodying an 80’s classic. And it has already moved to number 20 on the music charts, with a bullet. Updated: I have now embedded the Liveleak video since YouTube removed it!
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
WATCH: Peace talks must be based on fact, not fiction - Israel Today | Israel News
As Israel and the Palestinian Arabs once again return to land-for-peace negotiations, it is vital that these talks be based on legitimate historical fact and international law for there to be any hope of success.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Netanyahu warns: IAEA centrifuge report shows Iran nearing nuclear “red line.” Five questions to ask. | Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
Is Israel gearing up for a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear sites? Is a countdown running towards war in the epicenter? Would Israel move against Tehran even in the face of intense pressure by the Obama administration not to take action?
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave

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Setting them up for success
Setting our children up for success is greatly impacted on what we teach children about choices, decisions and relationships.
Parentingmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave


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