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Category: Order:
A New Generation
Are we creating fatherless believers because we simply want to give altar calls and never execute as fathers and mothers in the faith? One could possibly say this is as bad as wanting to father a child but not raise a child (Amen or Oh Me).
Ministrymichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Are you successful?
Change your mind about success. Pursue God, clean living and sharing the gospel and you will find that your life will be successful. You will find that if you take care of the things that belong to God that He will take care of the things that belong to you.
Christianitymichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Not Alone
If you are facing stress, fear and trouble I encourage you to cry out to Jesus. He is ready, willing and able to meet you at the point and your need. We serve a prayer answering God who loves us with an everlasting love.
Prayermichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Praying, Voting & Living
Elections do not decide what is right and wrong; the immutable truth of the Bible remains forever settled in heaven. However, elections do reveal the priorities of a nation and where the majority of its citizens stand concerning right and wrong.
Politicsmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
All things are possible
If you have exhausted the ability of people to solve your problem you have a Father in heaven who wants to go to work for you.
Miraclesmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Demonstration of love
We are not here to hold the fort and to merely maintain the standards of godly living among the body. We are here to bring God’s truth into places where it is currently unwelcome. We are here to bring the light of Jesus to the world even if they are currently happy with living in the dark.
Evangelismmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Work that faith
We cannot separate faith from action. We cannot separate loving Jesus from living for Jesus. We cannot relegate Christian activity to that which takes place during a church service; we must come to the place where our life is a Christian activity.
Christianitymichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Encouraging Your Faith
Eventually we all face circumstances that we cannot see a way out of. We all have our moments when our strength, wisdom, wealth and influence are incapable of providing what we need. When we face these moments are we lifted up because we know Him through whom all things are possible or do we hang our heads in premeditated defeat?
Encouragementmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Have you been called?
The call of God will be manifested in your life as you obey Him. Your study of the Word, your prayer life, your service to others and your willingness to surrender more of your life to Him will determine how quickly His will, plan and purpose develop in your life.
Christianitymichael5812 • 1 comment • share • flagsave
Consumers and Producers
Many times in the body of Christ the tendency is to get trapped in an either/or situation between consumer and producer. We tend to voluntarily separate ourselves between those of us who sit in pews or padded chairs and those of us who are involved in the ministry. We are all called to be fed and grow in the spirit and we are all called to give and produce spiritual fruit.
Christianitymichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Setting them up for success
Setting our children up for success is greatly impacted on what we teach children about choices, decisions and relationships.
Parentingmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Bigger than my brain
Walking by faith causes my brain to overload sometimes because it means that I have to surrender control. The more we come to know Jesus the easier it is to walk by faith because we know how awesome He is and how much we can trust Him. If you are operating your life in the strength of your humanity I challenge you to surrender more of your life to Christ; He is much bigger than we are.
Bible Teachingmichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Did you burn your clothes?
Can a man take fire into his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? (Proverbs 6:27)
Christianitymichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave
Happy Valentine's Day
We cannot truly love others until we are willing to accept God’s love for us. His love is complete and unconditional. To put it simply we cannot give that which we have yet to receive. Let God’s love live in you and overflow to those around you.
Christianitymichael5812 • comment • share • flagsave


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