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Animals Sleep Anywhere
Some animals sleep safely in caves at night. Others sleep hanging in trees. Some big apes build nests in trees for sleeping but most animals prefer not to have a permanent home. They just sleep where they can. For example, the hoofed animals, in North America, Europe and Asia, there are many kinds of deer. All these animals move about the country as they like.
AnimalsTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
The animal that is protected by the legends
hunter creeps through the jungle. He hears a rustling in the trees. He looks up. What animal is it? He can just see brown fur. It must be a monkey. The hunter grips his spear tightly, and gets ready to throw it then the leaves open. Just as the hunter is going to throw his spear, he sees the animal and stops. It’s not a monkey, it’s an indri.
AnimalsTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Giraffe:The tallest animal and the longest neck in the world
Of all the animals in the world, the giraffe is the tallest and has the longest neck. A male giraffe’s head may be as much as six meters above the ground. A female is only a little shorter. Nearly half of the giraffes’ great height is in its neck and head. Even so, the giraffe has only seven bones in its neck, the same as most other mammals and each of the bones are very long.
AnimalsTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Eskimos the People of the Far North
The cleverest hunters in the world are found in North America. They call themselves “Inuit”, meaning “the people”, but the outside world calls them Eskimos. They were the first native people seen on the American continent by the white man. When the Norsemen (ancient Norwegians) came to Greenland nearly 1,000 years ago, they found Eskimos already there.
PeopleTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Refinery Plants and the Process of Purifying Crude Oil
As we know, oil obtained underground cannot directly be used for fuel or other purposes. After the geologists, mining engineers and miners have carried out their tasks in oil exploration the production of oil has to be considered. The production department has an enormous responsibility in providing oil for commercial use.
EnergyTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
The Interesting History of Chocolate and Maria Theresa
The Aztecs liked to drink cocoa almost as much as they enjoyed a good fight. Their last emperor, Montezuma, used to drink fifty golden cups of the beverage every day, as Hernando Cortez and his group of Spanish adventurers noted after they had invaded Mexico in 1519 and conquered these wonderful ancient people.
HistoryTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Facts About : The Disaster in Darwin in 1974
or the people of Darwin, Australia, 25th December, 1974, was a day of disaster. Christmas Day, 1974, will long be remembered by all Australians as the day of the greatest natural disaster ever to strike their country.
Natural DisastersTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Nuclear Reactor for Power, is It Safe?
Many countries now use nuclear reactors for power. A country like France needs nuclear power. France has very small natural energy resources. It must import three-quarters of its power needs, especially oil. So more and more reactors are built but the public are very worried by reactors. In France, Britain and America there have been big protest against reactors near cities.
EnergyTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Volcanoes Among the Dangers and Benefits to Mankind
Living near the volcanoes is high risk. No one would camp in the crater of Halemaumau in Hawaii, or in the crater of Mount Etna in Sicily. However volcanoes have always attracted mankind. Men have always come to farm the rich lands, and to enjoy the beauty of volcanoes. The dangers cannot be separated from the benefits.
NatureTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
The interesting story behind Raphael's Madonna of the Chair
Raffaelo Sanzo da Urbino (1483 – 1520) was better known simply as Raphael, an Italian painter and architect of the high Renaissance, together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, they form the traditional trinity of great masters of that period, the great Italian artist of the sixteenth century.
ArtTiusto • comment • share • flagsave
Leonardo and The Lady with a Mystic Smile
Photo beneath is a very famous “international figure” which has been and is still admired by a great number of art lovers. The model of the painting was Mona Lisa, and the portrait itself was painted by Leonardo da Vinci probably in 1504 or 1505. The masterpiece now belongs to the Louvre in Paris, the largest museum in the world, and one of the oldest.
ArtTiusto • comment • share • flagsave

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NASA, GM team up to build second generation space robot - CNN.com
The next generation of space robot is here.
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