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Bible Teaching4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
There are over one million Muslims living in Italy (WalidShoebat)
There are over one million Muslims living in Italy, a recent trend in immigration that is still trying to find its feet. Religious identity is of such importance to some imams who often know very little about Italian culture.
Religions4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
AFA Bigotry Map
The American Family Association has identified groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith. These groups are deeply intolerant towards the Christian religion. Their objectives are to silence Christians and to remove all public displays of Christian heritage and faith in America.
Religions4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
'Secret Soldiers of Benghazi' Talk about Their Unforgettable 13 Hours | CBN.com (beta)
The men defied orders to stand down and rushed to defend those being attacked by Islamic jihadists at the American consulate.
Entertainment4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
WATCH: Peace talks must be based on fact, not fiction - Israel Today | Israel News
As Israel and the Palestinian Arabs once again return to land-for-peace negotiations, it is vital that these talks be based on legitimate historical fact and international law for there to be any hope of success.
Israel4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Religious freedom not served by bigot consulting for the Pentagon
Should our military consult with white supremacist groups when revising policies against racial discrimination? Should it call the Westboro Baptist Church as it deals with the repercussions of repeal of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"?
Persecution4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Would Al Qaeda's Wildfire 'Ember Bomb' Really Work? - Yahoo! News
Kameel Saleem said yrs ago this is another way that they "attack" us...by starting these "wildfires"...boo-coo property and money expenditures come from these fires. Yet another way to destroy USA economy etc. Pardon me, won't you...while I accept the word of someone with everything to lose (his life, family etc.)- by telling the truth rather than a bunch of Pornifornia's "officials" ha!
Warnings4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Iran defends refusal to let in U.N. nuclear expert - Yahoo News
Of course Iran doesn't want any type of officials, UN or otherwise, to come in and investigate what they are doing. Anyone with even the slightest hint of a clue knows that Iran is feverishly working towards nuclear weapons. Word to the wise? They are a heckuva lot closer this year than ever. And with all the necessary attention being paid to Islam in all it's bloodthirsty and crazy antics,
Deception4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
PV Radio March 12th Noon EST - Rick Santorum & James Dobson 03/12 by Patriot Voices Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Patriot Voices Radio is your voice multiplied! Our show will feature Rick Santorum interviewing Dr. James Dobson about his new book "Fatherless." Senator Santorum also interviews Joel Rosenberg about his new book "Damascus Countdown."
Book Reviews4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Whom The Son Set Free: Whom the Son Set Free ~ "Fulfilling the Promise" Part Eleven
Some of us, for diverse reasons, are more susceptible to becoming addicts and alcoholics of various types. These substances are never-the-less spiritual doorways for spirits and entities to obtain and gain entrances into our minds, bodies and lives.
Testimony4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Poll: Muslims Show Massive Approval For Obama - Yahoo News
"A newly released Gallup poll shows that Muslims are the religious group most likely to support President Barack Obama — by wide margins."
Politics4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
The Promise Fulfilled ~ The Beginning ~
Hi, my name is Susan and I used to be a drug, alcohol and sex addict. For almost as far back as I can remember. I’d say approximately for at least 36 years, perhaps longer. I have a true story to share with you, and a testimony to give. I offer it as a “sweet smelling sacrifice” to the Lord God Almighty. And to His Son, Jesus the Christ who saved my soul and set me free
Book Reviews4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily | World news | The Guardian
If you have any Democrat friends share this with them since they voted for him. They are Not going to like their calls being monitored by him!
Politics4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
KLOVE Radio Player
You can listen to KLOVE Christian Radio at this site.
Radio4Christ • comment • share • flagsave

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Sanctification Secures Supplication
God does not give us the desires of our un-yielded hearts!… [but] we can discover the truth of God’s tender mercies if we will FIRST delight ourselves in Him.
Bible Teachingintoo • comment • share • flagsave


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