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Prayer 101: Confession & Repentance, Part 1

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Prayer 101: Confession & Repentance, Part 1
Confession or confessing needs to be an integral part of our prayer life.
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They Claim to Speak for God (Part 1) | Bible Prophecy Blog
this first article majored on the fundamental erroneous teachings of the New Apostles and Prophets movement, i.e., its own false doctrines.
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Sausage Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls
A recipe for Sausage Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls from Kraft Recipes.
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Lets Talk About Jesus 17/03/2011 - The Life Messenger | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio
NICODEMUS! You Must Be Born Again. Part 2
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Apologetics, Evidence, and Relevance
"Paul was quite versatile in his approach. He began with the Bible when he spoke to the Jews—they knew the Scriptures. He started with creation with the pagans and the sophisticated. He used his political, social, and academic stature in other situations. He quoted Scripture in every case. His focus was getting truth out—not being 'related' to the population. "
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How Do I Get an EIN For My Business?
"This particular hurdle is definitely something you can accomplish yourself. Check out what EIN’s are, whether you need one, and how simple it is to register."
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Polls: Majority Oppose Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill, Obama's Job Performance
Opposition to Obamacare continues to grow. The small inroads that Obama made with the summit have disappeared.
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Order or chaos?
"‘Traditionally, experts have blamed these surprises on outside influences or imperfect data … . But now scientists, studying the world around us with the aid of powerful computers, are beginning to realize that surprise is inevitable. Systems such as the weather … have surprise built into them. They will always behave in unexpected ways, no matter how well we understand them.'"
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The goals and importance of church discipline
"Implicit in both of Paul’s admonishments is the idea that a lack of concern for holiness by ignoring sin within the church, or a lack of forgiveness, mercy, and love for the repentant sinner, brings reproach to the Name of Christ in the eyes of both other churches and the world."
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Teaching Obedience To Children
We need to understand that how a person later on behaves in society is a reflection of how he was taught to behave as a child while he or she was still moldable. Unfortunately many of our jails are full of people who were never taught about the consequences of bad behavior when they were growing up
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Interview with Juliet Towner | INSPIKS
Designer Juliet Towner, also known as 7ulio, has done an amazing job in her position as Graphic Designer for Victory Highway Wesleyan Church. Juliet communicates the message of her church through beautifully designed Church Marketing pieces for print,
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Objective: Halt misuse of 'hate group' label
"Judge Raymond A. Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed Liberty Counsel's federal lawsuit against GuideStar, stating that under the federal Lanham Act, GuideStar's republication on its website of a "hate group" label did not meet the commercial purpose requirement of the act."
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Quenching the Spirit is a prolonged event that takes place when we choose to live disconnected from the influence and empowerment of God even though we have invited Him into our lives. We drown out His voice with that of our own and of the world. We replace His fire with our own passions. We replace faith and dependence upon Him with religion.
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Come to Christ, He is Mighty to Save - Paul Washer | Featured Video | GodTube
This song came straight from my heart one night as I prayed over my sleeping daughter. As I stared at her beautiful frame I was just moved to tears by what an amazing gift from God she really is....
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