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education trends
The public school system in Washington, D.C., imposed its new evaluation system through an act of Congress. It uses statistical models to predict how well a given class should do in the course of a year. Teachers who better that mark could be in line for a bonus. Those who fall short might be fired.
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Walgreens Faces Backlash after Adopting Transgender Bathroom Policy
"The American Family Association called the bathroom policy change 'shocking' and said now men will be allowed 'full and unrestricted access to women's restrooms in all of its 8,100 stores.'"
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"The Bride"
The Church is the bride of Christ. It is currently experiencing premarital conflict! The Lamb of the marriage supper is being overlooked. A few of the invited guests are parading themselves as the Groom. The fruits of the flesh are attempting to join the banquet. Jesus will return for His Church of this we can be assured. But how close to being ready are we? See Video "Ready or Not"
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Palestinians Hang Trump and Pence in Effigy Over Slashed Financial Aid
"US President Donald Trump speaking at the World Economic Forum over the weekend threatened that if the Palestinians didn't start showing more respect, they'd lose even more American backing."
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Memo declassified, released in full
"The controversial four-page FISA memo written by the majority staff of the House Intelligence Committee has been released."
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Answering Unbelievers - Daily Bible Radio
We should be like Solomon and be prepared to answer.
Bible Teaching2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Media 'snarky' about VP Pence, NoKo leader's sis
"'The American news media so hate Trump, so hate America, and so hate the West that they will celebrate any evil dictator, any left-wing lunatic, just to get a little snark on Donald Trump.'"
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Joy in the Details - Daily Bible Radio
It is pretty obvious that God was behind Nehemiah and his work.
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Trump's Daughter-in-Law Hospitalized After Opening Suspicious Letter
"President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Vanessa Trump, was taken to a New York City hospital after opening an envelope that contained a white powder."
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Why Jesus Taught Law Teachings That Are Not for Christians
"Many people believe that as Christians we are to follow all of the words of Jesus. After all, Jesus is our Savior, so it only makes sense that all the words He spoke were meant for us to follow. What many don't understand, however, is that many times Jesus was speaking "Old Covenant" talk..."
Christianity • comment • share • flagsave - CAIR's Madison Ave Style Ad Should Not Fool You!
CAIR (Council for American Islamic relations) who just lost their 501 c 3 charitable status r engaged n a giant propaganda campaign to paint Islam as a wonderful peaceful religion that shares in the values of the USA & Western democratic values.{remember the word HUDNA-that's how they work their lies--all of them are allowed n Islam 2 propagate the true message of their ideological warfare
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Are you successful?
Change your mind about success. Pursue God, clean living and sharing the gospel and you will find that your life will be successful. You will find that if you take care of the things that belong to God that He will take care of the things that belong to you.
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Israeli F-16 Shot Down as Iran Heats Up Northern Border
It is reported that Israel shot down a drone from Iran in Israeli air space and responded by hitting 12 Iranian targets in Syria. Iran then hit an Israeli F-16 that crashed on the Israel side of the border. The pilots ejected.
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One Big Celebration - Daily Bible Radio
I would like to do some consideration of the logistics of this huge party.
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