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3 Tips for Riding Out the Stock Market Volatility

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3 Tips for Riding Out the Stock Market Volatility
"Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp urges investors to ignore the market noise and focus on their long-term goals."
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How to Read Kindle Books On Your Computer
Amazon has a free Kindle reader for Windows. This means that you can buy books on Amazon and read them minutes later. This article explains how this works.
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When a Monarch Labors
An beautiful flickr composition...
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The Challenge of Islam - Christ in Prophesy
Is Islam another road to the same Christian God? Find out with speaker Kerby Anderson at the Christianity Under Attack conference shown on television's Christ in Prophecy.
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iTube Video Roundup #4
This post is part of our monthly series showing the most inspiring Christian videos selected from the web. These videos touch on a variety of topics and allow us to look at the word of God in a different and artistic format, that uses moving pictures, sound and video effects. Our hope is that they may encourage you to dig deeper into the Word of God.
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Dead or Alive
The condition of mankind is terminal! Sin has made us dead. If we’re going to survive, we need to be rescued!
SalvationKaren W • comment • share • flagsave
Interview with Juliet Towner | INSPIKS
Designer Juliet Towner, also known as 7ulio, has done an amazing job in her position as Graphic Designer for Victory Highway Wesleyan Church. Juliet communicates the message of her church through beautifully designed Church Marketing pieces for print,
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Everything’s A Little Blurry | INSPIKS
I have spent a lot of time thinking mostly about the future. For a long time I have had a plan in my mind about how my future was going to work out.
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Inspiks Market Introducing Inspiks Market
Inspiks Market is the new name for INSPIKS. INSPIKS was introduced in 1998 with the desire to spread the Gospel of Christ in digital format started with a simple email attachments to friends and family. The collection of artwork grew so much that we decided to start sharing them on the internet as free downloads.
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The Technical Implications of the Discovery DNA in Dinosaur Bones
"These discoveries have included ligaments, blood and bone cells; flexible blood vessels; proteins like collagen, osteocalcin, actin, and histones, and most importantly, DNA."
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Interview – Chris Scholten | INSPIKS
Chris Scholten is an extremely talented Multimedia Designer residing in the Netherlands. His style reflects his passion for art and his faith in Christ.
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Flickr Group Showcase #11 | INSPIKS
It is time again for another roundup of images from our Flickr group. This group features design and photography from many Christians artist around the world.
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Neandertal genome like ours
"They also claim that the data indicate Neandertals and humans are distinct species and that the young-earth position has been falsified because the differences are too extreme to call them the same species “by a wide margin”. Personally, I have no idea where they get these ideas, since there is nothing in this study that gives any basis for their claim."
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Interview – Cameron Smith | INSPIKS
Cameron Smith is a talented Graphic Designer and Photographer from Peoria, Arizona. I came across his work when I joined one of the most influential groups for Christian Designers on Flickr, the Church Marketing Lab.
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