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The King is Coming!
This is a site dedicated to the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ, the songs I have written about Him!
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Why Bonds are Smart for Savings
"Bonds are one of the easiest and most common ways to save money for the long term. There’s a good chance you already own one."
Finances2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Mainstream media admits its Leftist anti-Trump slant
"'Make no mistake – this is an epic fail,' Sullivan insisted 'And although eating crow is never appealing, we’ll be digesting feathers and beaks in the next weeks and months – and maybe years. And although many journalists and many news organizations did stories about the frustration and disenfranchisement of these Americans, we did not take them seriously enough.'"
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Small Businesses Poised for Big Growth Under Trump
"'...these are the businesses that are creating millions of jobs in America, and as I’ve said many times, the government can’t create jobs, but it can create an environment where businesses thrive, are able to grow, can see profits, and pass all of those benefits onto their employees, which will only strengthen the economy as a whole.'"
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But It Is Not A Tax! | Conservative View Point
Governmentwdpj • comment • share • flagsave
Trump-hating media 'at war' with him
"Nine out of every ten news stories about President Trump in his first year in office was negative, according to data compiled by a media watchdog."
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Ezekiel's Prophetic Enigma - Hal Lindsey Report
Find out what a prophet said over 1000 years ago. Discover how accurately the details are predicted concerning what we now see.
Prophesy2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
The True Meaning of Grace | INSPIKS
The boy stood with back arched, head cocked back and hands clenched defiantly. “Go ahead, give it to me.” The principal looked down at the young rebel. “How many times have you been here?”
Storiesinspiks • comment • share • flagsave
Fired for supporting Trump, Fox anchor shoots back
"Freedom of speech only for the Left?"
Current Events2r0y • comment • share • flagsave - Has Noah's Ark Been Found on Turkish Mountaintop?
"A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say wooden remains they have discovered on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey are the remains of Noah's Ark."
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Caffeine Inhalers: Are They Safe?
Caffeine inhalers are growing in popularity, especially in clubs and on college campuses. But are they safe?
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Lose Weight With MyFitnessPal, A Free Online Calorie Counter And Diet Plan
Counting calories can double your weight loss, say some medical studies. MyFitnessPal, a free online calorie counter, makes it easy to keep track.
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How To Diet:: Hunger Pains:: Taking Control
Want to lose weight the natural way? Control your hunger pains and pangs by using methods to cheat your body into feeling satisfied without the pain! Learn how to diet naturally without starving yourself!
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Ordered to kill patients, docs tell bureaucrats to drop dead
"In Ontario, meanwhile, doctors have been told they must permit euthanasia on patients or refer them to a doctor who will – or get out of the profession."
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