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I Give You Jesus : Alpha 7 Ministries
Christ is the answer, so I Give You Jesus.
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Television - Programs - Apologetics 1 - Defending the Faith with Eric Barger: Part 1
Defending the Faith with Eric Barger: Part 1
Bible Teaching4Christ • comment • share • flagsave
Voter Fraud Is Real. Here Are 4 More Cases.
Here are four clear case of voter fraud that include convicted officials.
Corruption2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
How to see more pages of sites on Amen Me!
If you want to see more than just the first page of site listings, and you are signed-in as a member of Amen Me!, you can by following these instructions.
Amen Me! Help2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton
Soul surfer Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack when she was 13 years old. Her story of faith, hope, and determination has inspired people around the world.
SportsAnnetteSmith • comment • share • flagsave
Cancer:: Cancer Research Charity:: Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK is a charity that focuses upon research with the aim to understanding and curing cancers. They attempt to take the lead in areas for which are not being fully investigated
Medicalshazwellyn • 1 comment • share • flagsave
After the Planned Parenthood videos, what next?
"We might well respond that actually the current attempt by some to credit Planned Parenthood is part of a long-term campaign by people who want to deny babies the right to keep their own bodies."
Abortion2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Black History Month: Awkward Reflections
Over the last five hundred years, Christianity in Africa and in most countries with people of African ancestry, has been charged with outright racism (when non-Blacks headed the hierarchy within denominations) and with inverse racism
Christianityinspiks • comment • share • flagsave
How to submit new sites to Amen Me!
Follow these instructions to learn how Amen Me! members can submit new sites for consideration.
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Adsense Content Filter - How to Filter Article Adverts in Adsense - Newbie Alert!
This article is an attempt to teach you how to use and manage the adsense filtering system to get rid of those unwanted adverts. Okay it is just one piece of information amongst a load, but it is a start! I want to make this article user friendly and teach you how to manage the adsense filtering system confidently.
Computersshazwellyn • comment • share • flagsave
What is Science? - Jonathan Sarfati
This video explains why it is important to understand the differences between science about the present and science about the past.
Science2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
The West African Miracle Berry -- A Flavor Trip For The Taste Buds
The miracle berry has the incredible ability to turn sour things into sweet. For more on this mystery fruit, read on.
FoodAnnetteSmith • comment • share • flagsave
The Christmas Star
Dr. Lisle sifts through several scientific explanations of the Christmas star, knocking down some of the "Christmas Card" myths along the way, to reveal what may seem like a surprising conclusion for an astronomer to make.
Discernment2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
How Can You Make Yourself Sleep Early?
If you cannot go to bed early, then you must address some important issues for your sleep.
Health • comment • share • flagsave
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