How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog Using Amen Me

If you've got a great blog that needs more visitors, Amen Me may be a good opportunity to get some more traffic. Amen Me is a place where Christians share by voting on content from other places, like your blog. They do it by giving "Amens!" Here are the steps to follow to provide your content:

1) Make sure that your content will really work on Amen Me. This is the single biggest problem with submissions to our community. We are looking for content that will fit a specific audience. Make sure that you meet our statement of faith and guidelines. This is a Christian community so these guidelines are very important to us. We also evaluate the ads on your site. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully about ads. (We don't allow your article to have dynamicly changing ads, like a Google Ads for instance.)

2) Submit your content to us. This just requires a link to your article, a good title and a description. You will also need to provide a category for your article. If your article doesn't fit into one of our categories, then it probably won't be accepted.

3) Spread out your submissions. If you already have a lot of content, it's a good idea to not submit all of your content at once. We suggest that you provide no more than one article per day. People don't always visit on the same day and your content has a better chance of being seen if you spread it out. Read more about how Amen Me works to learn why.

4) Pick the right time for your content. If you already have great content, it's smart to pick a time for your article in which the subject matter is already on people's minds. For some articles, it doesn't matter, but others deal with seasonal or hot topics. This is a great site for these topics because people may be ready and willing to vote for your topic right away.

5) Consider becoming an Amen Me Member. As a Member, you get access to My Amen Me which shows you other members that are frequently giving an “Amen!” to you. You can also see the list of Amen’s you have already submitted. It also gives you a chance to build more of a relationship with those who enjoy your content by participating in discussions about your blog article on Amen Me. You can also get email alerts when you get an "Amen!" The great thing is that being a member is free right now.

Your great content is what really makes the difference on Amen Me! Thank you for your participation.

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