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Answering Unbelievers

2 Chronicles 9:1-8 :

When the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came to test Solomon with hard questions at Jerusalem, with a very great caravan, including camels that bore spices, gold in abundance, and precious stones. When she had come to Solomon, she talked with him about all that was in her heart. Solomon answered all her questions. There wasn’t anything hidden from Solomon which he didn’t tell her. When the queen of Sheba had seen the wisdom of Solomon, the house that he had built, the food of his table, the seating of his servants, the attendance of his ministers, their clothing, his cup bearers also, their clothing, and his ascent by which he went up to Yahweh’s house; there was no more spirit in her.

She said to the king, “It was a true report that I heard in my own land of your acts and of your wisdom. However I didn’t believe their words until I came, and my eyes had seen it; and behold, the half of the greatness of your wisdom wasn’t told me. You exceed the fame that I heard! Happy are your men, and happy are these your servants, who stand continually before you, and hear your wisdom. Blessed be Yahweh your God, who delighted in you, to set you on his throne, to be king for Yahweh your God; because your God loved Israel, to establish them forever. Therefore he made you king over them, to do justice and righteousness.”

The Queen of Sheba heard about Israel's king and Israel's God, but she didn't believe it. She didn't simply deny what she heard and go on with her life, though. She took a caravan and went to investigate for herself.

The Queen of Sheba must have been a pretty tough woman. She came with serious questions and didn't let up on Solomon until she realized that what she had been told about Israel was true. It's as if she read from Eve's book of wisdom. Eve was fooled into eating the fruit, but the Queen of Sheba decided to carefully investigate what she had been told. Notice that God does honor an investigation into His truth. This is good for us to remember. When we have a doubt, we should ask God and expect Him to answer. He does.

The other lesson we can learn here is that, as believers, we should be like Solomon and be prepared to answer when the Queens of Sheba come to interrogate us. It really is our job to have answers. Christianity isn't a blind faith. It's an intelligent one. We should also have our lives in order so that when people come to ask, they are overwhelmed with the reality that God had made a real difference. They should be able to say: "you exceed the fame that I heard!" There's only one way for this to happen. We must be "blessed" by God Himself. If we try to do everything perfectly in our lives without God's power, it will not happen. It must be clear that it is God's love for us that makes the difference, not our performance.

Becoming a Christian

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