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Another Reminder to the Priests

Leviticus 22:1-9 :

Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, “Tell Aaron and his sons to separate themselves from the holy things of the children of Israel, which they make holy to me, and that they not profane my holy name. I am Yahweh.

“Tell them, ‘If anyone of all your offspring throughout your generations approaches the holy things, which the children of Israel make holy to Yahweh, having his uncleanness on him, that soul shall be cut off from before me. I am Yahweh.

“‘Whoever of the offspring of Aaron is a leper or has an issue; he shall not eat of the holy things, until he is clean. Whoever touches anything that is unclean by the dead, or a man whose offspring goes from him; or whoever touches any creeping thing, whereby he may be made unclean, or a man of whom he may take uncleanness, whatever uncleanness he has; the person that touches any such shall be unclean until the evening, and shall not eat of the holy things, unless he bathe his body in water. When the sun is down, he shall be clean; and afterward he shall eat of the holy things, because it is his bread. That which dies of itself, or is torn by animals, he shall not eat, defiling himself by it. I am Yahweh.

“‘They shall therefore follow my requirements, lest they bear sin for it, and die therein, if they profane it. I am Yahweh who sanctifies them.

As a parent, I sense God's love in these commands. That may sound a bit strange at first, but what I notice is that God has already said these things before. Why would He keep saying them over and over like this? That's when I realize that it is because of love. God is acting like a good Father to Israel. When I say good, I really mean good, in that He plans to keep His word about how things are going to be working in Israel. He won't be slack by saying something and not following through. When He says that there will be punishment for doing wrong, He means it. He doesn't want them to forget because He doesn't want to have to punish them.

The amazing thing about God is that He already knows everything, yet, instead of distancing Himself from everything, He involves Himself in things. God knew the priesthood was going to go bad in the future. He already knew that He would be punishing Israel in the future too, yet, it is obvious that He didn't want it to happen. He pleads with them in this moment of time, with all the sincerity of one who has decided to participate in a real relationship with people.

God would not be a very good leader if He didn't keep His word. He told the priests that if they didn't do what He said, He would have to punish them. God is a person of love and a person of His word. He is also willing to go through life with us; feeling life with us. He really doesn't want us to fail, so He repeats things for us, like He did for the priests in Israel.

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