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Refined Like Gold

Job 23:8-17 :

“If I go east, he is not there;
if west, I can’t find him;
He works to the north, but I can’t see him.
He turns south, but I can’t catch a glimpse of him.

But he knows the way that I take.
When he has tried me, I will come out like gold.
My foot has held fast to his steps.
I have kept his way, and not turned away.
I haven’t gone back from the commandment of his lips.
I have treasured up the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.
But he stands alone, and who can oppose him?
What his soul desires, even that he does.
For he performs that which is appointed for me.
Many such things are with him.
Therefore I am terrified at his presence.
When I consider, I am afraid of him.
For God has made my heart faint.
The Almighty has terrified me.
Because I was not cut off before the darkness,
neither did he cover the thick darkness from my face.

One thing that we can see here is that Job is very confused and afraid. We don't like to be confused and afraid, but Job shows us that sometimes, God allows us to be in that condition anyway. It is true that God doesn't want us to stay confused and afraid, but it is very wrong for us as Christians to assume that it is a sin. You will have a hard time finding that in the Ten Commandments. It doesn't say "Thou shalt not be confused or afraid," yet you might think that it should be there by how Christians respond sometimes. Could it be that people consider it a sin because they are so afraid and confused of the possiblity of being afraid and confused?

In Job's confusion and fear, he gives us instruction that is not confusing and actually very comforting. He reminds us that it is possible to be refined by God though our troubles. He shows us that the way to get through the trouble is to hold on to God's word and to stay on his path. In the end we will prove to be golden. We may not see the end to our troubles, but we can know that our character is obvious to God, and we can also know that there will be an end, and that the end will be a happy one.

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