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How Do I Love Thee:Food For Thought Before You Say I DO – Goodreads Book Giveaway
Many couples spend a great deal of time planning their wedding, but little time planning their marriage Enter for a chance to win How Do I Love Thee: Food for Thought, Before You Say "I Do". Entry period begins on Jan 18, 2016 and ends on Feb 10, 2016
Book ReviewsDeBorrahk • info • share • flagsave
Book Review – Divine Sex
A book review on Jonathan Grant's book Divine Sex. This is a full fledged robust treatment of human sexuality from a Christian perspective.
Book Reviewsajcblog • info • share • flagsave
Book Review – The Ology by Marty Machowski
A book review of Marty Machowski's new book teaching systematic theology to children
Book Reviewsajcblog • info • share • flagsave
Deep Time and the Christian Worldview
A review of A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture by Keith A. Mathison: "We assert that science cannot “correct” the clear teaching of Scripture."
Book Reviews2r0y • info • share • flagsave
The Prophetic Significance of the Messianic Temple to Every Christian — Charisma News
Sometimes when traveling and speaking in churches throughout the US, I remind my friends and audience that Jesus was an orthodox Jew in Israel in his day as I am an orthodox Jew in Israel today. We share the same holidays, read the same Scripture, and live our lives through the prism of Jewish values, culture and society.
Book Reviews4Christ • info • share • flagsave
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
I am a Children's Author that owns a publications business all the products are to provide premier healthy self-images and youth development
Book ReviewsCMWP • info • share • flagsave
Making Choices in Christ - Rick Cunningham : iUniverse
There are many factors in our lives that can influence the decisions we make. By accepting that God has a personal plan for each of us, we can learn to make decisions according to the His will. Break the pattern of bad choices that keep you in a cycle of regret and guilt-the assurance that you can make the right choices can be found in God.
Book Reviewstrinitywriter • info • share • flagsave
Mike Schultz
Musings of a Christian
Book ReviewsMike Schultz • info • share • flagsave
Why I Wrote "The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion"
We see a growing fascination with vampires, witches, wizards, and the like – which are so prevalent in a lot of teen novels these days. Families and youth in particular, need an alternative. A book that has the supernatural and high tech themes, but none of these elements.
Book ReviewsDeBorrahk • info • share • flagsave
Free Ebook: Daily Devotions for Women
Are you a woman after God’s own heart? Do you need some inspiration, motivation, or encouragement? Faith Gateway has a free e-book just for you.
Book ReviewsAnnetteSmith • info • share • flagsave
Times of Victory - Pedro Luis Adames Valdez : Christian Bookstore WestBow Press
My first book available for orders
Book Reviewsauthor4life • info • share • flagsave
A CHILD BORN MAN - Kenneth H. Thompson
this is my inspirational autobiography of going through the storms and darkness in life to be able to see the light in a full spirtual balance
Book ReviewsKenneth H. Thompson • info • share • flagsave
Software and Economics
Everything is going to be degital in this world and run by software.The Software Society expands. The Software Society develops current patterns to show how our association with workstations will expand and profit us every day, with cooperation through dialect and different implies, and especially through versatile mechanisms.
Book Reviewssoftwaresocty • info • share • flagsave
Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace
Fearless A Journey to Financial Peace by Nan Elliot.
Book Reviewslife purpose • info • share • flagsave

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Rebellion at NASA against ‘global warming’
49 highly respected former NASA astronauts, engineers& scientists R fighting back vs efforts by top executives to use the fed agency to promote global warming alarmism.
Science4Christ • info • share • flagsave

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