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Egypt: Militants kill at least 235 in attack on Sinai mosque
"Militants attacked a crowded mosque during Friday prayers in the Sinai Peninsula, setting off explosives, spraying worshippers with gunfire and killing at least 235 people in the deadliest ever attack by Islamic extremists in Egypt."
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ISNA Reinvents 'Sharia' for Western Consumption | #1 News Site on the Threat of Radical Islam
Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Brotherhood, once said, “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”
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This 10-year-old girl burned herself alive to escape from a forced marriage
Muslim Women & Girls burn themselves to be released from Islam. Under Sharia laws women have no human rights. Share this shocking video!
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Thousands of war-torn Syrians treated by Israel
"Despite ongoing tensions, Israel has provided medical treatment over the past five years for some 3,000 Syrians who have been injured during the civil war that has raged in the Middle Eastern country since 2011."
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Trump, et al. bring noticeable change to U.N.
"The United Nations Commission on Population and Development recently wrapped up its annual session on April 7 with a frustrated chairman withdrawing her draft resolution."
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Some Syrian Americans encouraged by US action
"Syrian Americans are reacting from afar to Thursday evening's air strike in their home country. Many consider it a good first step, and hope to see more done."
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Tillerson: 'Steps are under way' to remove Assad
"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. is considering 'an appropriate response' to the chemical weapons attack in Syria."
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A Nazi in the Family
Late last year, I read an interview with a rabbi in my university city of Manchester, in which he said that things were so bad he could not see himself ending his days in Britain. I wanted to cry – how could this be happening in my own country? His words had a special resonance for me – at the time I was finishing a book about my own grandfather – an active perpetrator in the Holocaust.
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Fired for supporting Trump, Fox anchor shoots back
"Freedom of speech only for the Left?"
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Trump strikes back against the media
"The Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, who serves as the vice president for Business and Culture at the Culture and Media Institute, argues that Trump’s lash back at the media was long overdue."
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44 uncontained large fires in southeast US
"Investigators blame arson for many of the wildfires burning in the southeastern U.S. Officials said on Tuesday that 44 uncontained large fires were burning across several states."
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Hopless Change in West Virginia
Perhaps you didn't see the story about West Virginia. Could the news media have a bias?
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Mainstream media admits its Leftist anti-Trump slant
"'Make no mistake – this is an epic fail,' Sullivan insisted 'And although eating crow is never appealing, we’ll be digesting feathers and beaks in the next weeks and months – and maybe years. And although many journalists and many news organizations did stories about the frustration and disenfranchisement of these Americans, we did not take them seriously enough.'"
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Rev. Franklin Graham Warns Fox Viewers DC Has Been 'Infiltrated By Muslims'
"Franklin Graham began to answer by assuring Muslim viewers that he loved and was praying for them before continuing."
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Escola forma bruxas adolescentes no Brasil
Com o nome oficial de Universidade Livre de Holística, a Casa da Bruxa vê sua popularidade crescer por causa de livros e filmes que mostram bruxas e seres sobrenaturais como heróis, caso das séries Harry Potter, Crepúsculo e “Dezesseis Luas”, que estreia hoje no Brasil.
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