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A Widow's Secret... after til death do us part
Love, marriage, and the baby carriage... no one thinks divorce or death will be part of the song. And the healing process takes time... but there's a secret to maximizing the love you've lost, and giving it away!
RelationshipsSchatzelchen • info • share • flagsave
Golden Apples
If we view our words as fruit from our hearts it forces us to carefully examine exactly what our character reflects when we speak doesn't it?
RelationshipsInJesusSteps • info • share • flagsave
Behind Every Success… Night Light for Couples
YEHWEH Blog 10.14.2013 - A devotional by Shirley M Dobson.
RelationshipsIndianHippyGirl • info • share • flagsave
Judging others based upon our Pre-programmed Biases
None of us have squeaky clean pasts. As the scripture says, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”. Our responsibility as Christians is to love. Judging others is not our responsibility.
Relationshipsfaithsmessenger • info • share • flagsave
Marriage Commitment – Developing a Commitment Mindset
How can Christians who proclaim to know the almighty God, and claim that He is all powerful dismiss their marriage commitment and seek to divorce so easily?
Relationshipsfaithsmessenger • info • share • flagsave
He Who Finds A Wife – Tips for Single Christian Men
This article is an attempt to share with you guys what is the biblical definition of the term “He who finds a wife” and some practical application of that definition.
RelationshipsDuke Taber • info • share • flagsave
Marriage Survival – Avoiding the Appearance of Evil
Take an inventory of the things you do, the people you talk to, and the places you go. Would an outsider who doesn’t know you consider these things to look suspicious? Click here to read the article "Marriage Survival – Avoiding the Appearance of Evil"
Relationshipsfaithsmessenger • info • share • flagsave
A Wise Person Stays Calm When Insulted
Let your response be a testament of your faith
Relationshipsshiku • info • share • flagsave
Friendhship Quotations | Quotations
Our world is a college, events are teachers, happiness is the graduating point,character is the diploma God gives man.frienship is the one we select
Relationshipsvardhanih54 • info • share • flagsave
Standing “UP” For Christian Marriage
It is becoming increasingly clear that the world in which we live wants to ensnare and entrap the children of God. To offer any and every smorgasbord or appetizer that the flesh desires and present it as an alternative way to live.
RelationshipsDeBorrahk • info • share • flagsave
Marriage Is Not That Hard
Guiding us in a way to ease up and enjoy our marriage.
RelationshipsUgochi Jolomi • info • share • flagsave
Chastity, Purified, Sanctified.
Great reading matter to encourage you to discover what Gods Word says about living a holy and fruitful life.
Relationshipssuecpage • info • share • flagsave
Christian Dating Bible Advice
This lens provides relationship advice from God's Word. I pray that this will be a blessing to you and empower your search for love and marriage. Remember - Christian dating without Christ is like Christmas without Christ.
Relationshipsbearcat85 • info • share • flagsave
Big Ear Creations: Marriage really is a fairy tale...
... that includes dragons and fighting, and politics, and lost friends and hurt feelings and poverty and morality challenges and, and, and, and. I tell every young couple that gets engaged as soon as possible that "Getting married is the most political thing you'll ever do outside of running for office". None of them believe me. Then the process begins.
Relationshipsdkcarrol • info • share • flagsave

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For many people, tinnitus has proven to be a difficult condition to treat. No matter what they try, these people have been unable to end the infuriating ringing in the ears that plagues them. Despite the variety of tinnitus cures available today, a significant percentage of tinnitus sufferers remain unable to get relief form their symptoms.
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