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The Culture of Offendedness?
"A new and unprecedented right is now the central focus of legal, procedural, and cultural concern in many corridors–a supposed right not to be offended..."
Lifestyle2r0y • info • share • flagsave
God Gives us Purpose - Your Life is Meaningful
When it says He gives you the desires of your heart, it literally means He puts desires into your heart. If you delight yourself in the Lord: spend time in God's pressence, actually enjoy spending time with and getting to know God, the He will place desires (dreams, goals, plans, vision for the future) into your heart. He will reveal to you the purpose He created you for!
LifestyleBirdwingfx • info • share • flagsave
How to decorate your kid’s bedroom? | Horizontal Image
Bed, Bedroom, Beds, comfortable chair, interior decoration, Interior designing of a kid’s bedroom, kid’s bedroom, Rooms
Lifestylekayden_whise1 • info • share • flagsave
Overcoming the soul
If we could just give our souls totally over to God. He can do wonderful wonders with it!
LifestyleHoly Cantor • info • share • flagsave
The Cross of Christ
Take up the Cross
LifestyleLoriesaad • info • share • flagsave
Your Attitude in Life Determines Your Altitude: What We Achieve in Life Is a Product Of Our Attitude | Cross Lites
Let's think through the content of this essay, and we could find a reason to keep our attitude right no matter what...
LifestyleSunnyIkojoh • info • share • flagsave
THEME: SIT UP AND THINK THROUGH ANCHOR TEXT: “But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil” Hebrews 5:14.
LifestyleSufficient • info • share • flagsave
Reflections On God And Life
God loves us as we are but sees us for what we can be, in Him, through Jesus Christ. If you've read my story then you know that He took my heart from a cold, dark and stony place and found a way to make it warm, soft and pliable for Him for the first time in my life. He caused the light, His Light, to shine within my soul and enter in and create within me a heart of flesh and blood.
Lifestyle4Christ • info • share • flagsave
Fruit or Herbs? | From on the Wall
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a tree and an herb? God created both the herbs of the field and the fruit trees. Everything that God created follows the same model "Whose seed is in itself". Everything reproduces with seed. From grass to the birds, the "seed is in itself".
LifestyleBirdwingfx • info • share • flagsave
Beautiful & Luxury Round Bed Designs
Beautiful & Luxury Round Bed Designs
LifestyleTanveersCafe • info • share • flagsave
Is it ... Yet? | From on the Wall
Is it ... yet? This all to often asked question allows us to vent our frustration at the current situation we are in. We don't want to be at school, is it the weekend yet? Our kids are driving us crazy, is it time for them to go to school yet?
LifestyleBirdwingfx • info • share • flagsave
Big Ear Creations: The 14% mental evacuation
You might have gathered that I'm contextualizing The Sabbath. It's God's plan of a day of rest... once a week. 14% of your time. It's the commandment I like the least, because I struggle with rest. I don't like taking it and I don't know how to DO it when I do! Complete abandonment & hermit living is where my wonky mind gets to without a healthy discipline of rest. I'd actually hate it.
Lifestyledkcarrol • info • share • flagsave
Resurrection is Impossible
The Easter weekend is God's showing us that He understands how difficult our lives can be. Parts of our lives need to die so that God can resurrect us.
Lifestyleronparrs • info • share • flagsave
The Original Boat Lady!
This is a wonderful blog with recommendations on how to live as self sufficiently as possible.
LifestylePatty70 • info • share • flagsave

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The 700 Club: November 30, 2009 - CBN TV - Video--THE BAND "KORN"
Reggie “Fieldy” Arvizu of the band Korn shares his testimony.
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