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Again Lord…
Lord strengthen me so I will not disappoint You… again
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Look in The Word before you Leap in the World
The Bible is available to us and every Believer has the Holy Spirit as a guide. The challenge is whether we will use the tools God has provided us with; or if we will continue to refuse to study His Word. The choice is ours. Will we be simple? Or, will we be prudent?
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Teach Your Children about God before the World Does
Even the world acknowledges that what we learn as children sticks in our minds for life, so what is more important that making sure that little ones learn God’s Word and that it is in their hearts?
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Redemption (Part 4): Knowledge [of God] is Power!
We CAN overcome sin by continually submitting our will to God’s authority, by studying, memorizing and frequently contemplating God’s Word, so that it can transform us by replacing our human desires with Godly desires. Then God’s will and God’s plan will consummate in us to produce righteousness to the Glory of God.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
FEAR NOT: Believers, God is for Us!
…we will be victorious when we die to sin and live in the power of God’s enabling grace.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Accept God’s Love = Expect God’s Correction
His children had behaved badly for many years, despite many warnings, and it was time for them to “experience” Fatherly correction. But the correction was not without purpose, it was not borne of anger. Rather, as a good father, the correction that God was about to inflict was meant to help them change from doing evil to doing good: God wanted them to become the best children they could be.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Nothing without Love: Three Mistaken Ministries
Here we are told, without LOVE it is impossible to SERVE God. Preaching/Teaching is empty without Godly love, Spirituality is pointless without Godly love and Generosity/Giving is worthless without Godly love.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Wise Men, Whom Do You Seek?
Wise men of today, For whom do you seek? Whose star will lead you? Whose praise shall you speak? What worth is wisdom, If it cannot save? What joy is wisdom, That ends in the grave?
Poetryintoo • info • share • flagsave
A Couple Crucial Characteristics of Christians
If we want God’s praise, if we want to excel in what God values, then we must trust Him more and we must love each other more. We don’t earn God’s praise by the songs we sing, or by how often we go to church, or by how many committees we sit on, or by the image we project.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Always Thankful
Lots of families and friends will be getting together for the holidays which are fast approaching. Even though there may be problems in the lives of some of our close relationships, look for something in them to be thankful for and focus on that for the time that you are together with them.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Don’t be Afraid of THE LIGHT
In The Light, our status is no longer defined by our sinfulness, nor by our self-made goodness; we stand un-condemned, and now we have nothing to fear by being exposed. In fact, The Light reveals what God has done for us! He displays for all to see the wonderful works of redemption and forgiveness He has done in the lives of Believers.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Mind-Blowingly More Than I Bargained For (A Testimony)
As I got older, though, a terrible realization began to creep into my heart: as much as I tried to be good, I always failed. I could put on a good show, but on the inside I was full of terrible thoughts and desires I couldn’t control. There was something broken there, something I couldn’t fix…
Testimonyintoo • info • share • flagsave
The Hope of His Calling
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead causes our hope to come alive. God by His mercy has “birthed” us into a living hope. Our hope is living and is based on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead.
Bible Teachingintoo • info • share • flagsave
Sin is a Health Hazard
Spiritual health is critical to our physical well-being. Therefore, it is important that we allow God to govern our hearts and that we protect what enters our hearts. Scripture tells us to put our hope/trust in God, not in man (Psalm 118:9, 146:3).
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Indian taxman goes on strike.
"Income tax officers and employees went on strike across the country to press for their demands, including promotions and better incentives, and threatened not to participate in raids. As many as 50,000 officers and staff members struck work, claimed the Joint Council of Action (JCA), which gave the call.
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