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Welcome to the blog for Fresh-Hope.com We hope you will come to our message board and join us there for fellowship! Each of our blogs is also posted on Fresh Hope so you may comment on them there.
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fresh-hope: Stress, worry, fear etc & the Christian
How to overcome these things God's way
Bible TeachingCindy@Fresh-Hope • info • share • flagsave
fresh-hope: Honoring an un-honorable parent
Doing things God's Way
Bible TeachingCindy@Fresh-Hope • info • share • flagsave

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Why It Takes God To Convince Us of the New?
'Why It Takes God To Convice of the New?', today's edition of The Morning Word, a Internet devotional feature of Ron Parks Ministries composed by Pastor Ronald W. Parks, pastor of Philadelphia Bible Fellowship Community & World Missions Center, 3017 Island Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19153 - USA, 215 365 6264.
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