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Category: Order:
When Rules Change - Daily Bible Radio
Some of God's rules expire.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Not a Chance - Daily Bible Radio
God recorded yet another reminder of the sin of Nadab and Abihu here.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Ben Carson's home vandalized w/racist anti-Trump rhetoric
"'More recently, our home in Virginia – along with that of a neighbor – was vandalized by people who also wrote hateful rhetoric about President Trump,' Carson continued. 'We were out of town, but other kind, embarrassed neighbors cleaned up most of the mess before we returned.'"
Discernment2r0y • info • share • flagsave
God's Workers - Daily Bible Radio
For a quite a while, David wondered if he would ever grow old.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Don't forget the persecuted in wicked North Korea
"Advocates for persecuted Christians are celebrating the freedom of a Korean-Canadian pastor in North Korea but there's little hope from three Americans still held by the despotic regime."
Persecution2r0y • info • share • flagsave
'Rude' ObamaCare proponents pack GOP town halls
"'The room was basically filled with people who were there to cheer on single-payer and wanted nothing to do with anything which would require them to pay anything for their healthcare,'"
Health2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Oregon's new mantra: Free abortions for all!
"Oregon's Democratic lawmakers and governor have decided the state's taxpayers will be financing abortions in full, even though it might violate their conscience or religious beliefs. Not only that, voter opposition to the new law has been silenced."
Abortion2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A Purpose Driven Strife - Daily Bible Radio
There would now have to be a major change.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Rest and Peace - Daily Bible Radio
Here we learn why God didn't allow David to build the temple.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
This is the Place - Daily Bible Radio
David was too afraid to stop making sacrifices at this spot in Jerusalem.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
The Sacrifice of David - Daily Bible Radio
This is one of those times in the Bible where God's angel didn't say "fear not."
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Unbelief and Repentance - Daily Bible Radio
We read here that David agreed with Joab and God that he had sinned by counting the army, but how was that sin?
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
It's Gone - Daily Bible Radio
I don't know why the Holy Spirit decided to leave David's sin out of this passage.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
An Evil Command - Daily Bible Radio
It was at this time that Satan made his move.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave

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Planned Parenthood Abortion Center in Alabama on Probation, Hid Sexual Abuse
A Planned Parenthood abortion business in Birmingham, Alabama that was found in an undercover video hiding a potential case of sexual abuse has been placed on probation by state officials. The video also showed a Planned Parenthood employee telling a woman posing as a teenager how she can evade the state's parental consent law.
Abortioncarmen_v82 • info • share • flagsave

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