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God's "Amen!" - Daily Bible Radio
This was one of the most amazing days in the history of mankind.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
God Over All Nations - Daily Bible Radio
God's blessing was not just for Israel.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Two Kinds of Salvation - Daily Bible Radio
There are two kinds of trouble that we commonly find ourselves in.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Too Small for God? - Daily Bible Radio
No matter how small we are, God intends to be with us.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
There's A Way Back - Daily Bible Radio
This part of the prayer of Solomon must have meant a lot to Ezra.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Some Things Are Conditional - Daily Bible Radio
In this passage we get a bit more information about the setting in which Solomon made his prayer.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A Sign of God's Presence - Daily Bible Radio
What a wonderful thing it is when we are praising God and we know that He is happy with it.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Video: The Gospel of John
This is a dramatized version of the book of John from the Bible. John wrote this so that we would believe. Watching this could change your life.
Bibles2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A Heart for His Presence - Daily Bible Radio
Here we have a little bit of commentary about David's heart that is good for us to remember.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Just What We Need - Daily Bible Radio
There are difficulties like these in the Bible.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Huram's Father - Daily Bible Radio
It's important for us as English readers to understand that none of the Bible versions we have, are original.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
We've Come To Bow Down And Worship Him - Video
Jesus is the reason for the season. We've Come To Bow Down and Worship HIM! The Son of David, Immanuel, the seed of Abraham.
MusicDeBorrahk • info • share • flagsave
A Different Perspective - Daily Bible Radio
There are some interesting difference between what is written here and what we have already read.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
The Eyes of Faith - Daily Bible Radio
What the writer actually saw in front of him was probably a big pile of rubble.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave

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Historic Practice Passover Offering
As reported earlier, in preparation for the upcoming festival of Passover, this past Wednesday (5 Nisan - 25 March) the 'Priestly Training Academy' established by the Temple Institute held a Passover offering practice drill. This is a film that documents this event. This was the most accurate and authentic reenactment of this service to have taken place in nearly 2,000 years.
Bible Teaching4Christ • info • share • flagsave

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