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Here Comes Elijah - Daily Bible Radio
Elijah was a man who made kings fear, and this time, he wrote Jehoram a message.
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God and Guns - Daily Bible Radio
As a leader, Jehoiada had a responsibility to lead people the way that God said he should.
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Holiness and the Economy - Daily Bible Radio
A lack of holiness can have horrible consequences in an economy.
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A Crime Against Humanity - Daily Bible Radio
It's easy to see how wicked this woman was when looking from the outside.
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Power, Peace and Joy - Daily Bible Radio
Jehoiada shows us how a good leader deals with power.
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Jehoiada Makes a Move - Daily Bible Radio
Sometimes, a leader decides to enforce laws that go against the will of God.
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15 Answers to Evolutionist Misconceptions (Part 3)
"We have seen in this series that the critic is horribly misinformed about what it is that biblical creationists actually teach. He clearly has not read much creation science literature, nor has he thought through the implications of his own belief system."
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Holiness and Treason - Daily Bible Radio
Jehoiada made a very clear division between good and evil.
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Is Christianity Irrational?
Contrary to what some believe, the Bible does not advocate faith instead of logic. In fact, biblical faith is always logical. Dr. Lisle tackles several misunderstood Bible passages in this article.
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Being Too Nice - Daily Bible Radio
It is possible to have a good heart, but make very bad alliances.
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A Total Loss - Daily Bible Radio
This is one of the most tragic stories about a king in Israel.
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A Blow to National Security - Daily Bible Radio
Ironically, the man who went so far as to kill all of his brothers in order to preserve his kingdom, ended up losing a significant part of it.
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Ahab vs. God - Daily Bible Radio
The fight between God's house and Ahab's house was not just in the kingdom of Israel.
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Overview of America
This video helps to explain what it was that made America great and why it must be protected. If you are confused about what "Republic" and "Democracy" or "Socialism" and "Capitalism" actually mean, watch this.
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