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Inside and Outside - Daily Bible Radio
So here we have, what you might call, a union meeting between the new king and the union boss.
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A Social Disorder - Daily Bible Radio
Many times in my life I have heard people express their concerns about the well being of home-schooled children.
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Bad Advice - Daily Bible Radio
All it takes is a single wrong move to create a huge relational problem.
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Stopping the Rebels - Daily Bible Radio
It must have been a horrible surprise for the men of Jerusalem to discover that they were about to fight God.
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Fish Pedicure
This is an interesting idea... put your feet in an aquarium of fish and let them nibble your feet...
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Proof of God's Blessing - Daily Bible Radio
This is a great example of why we need to pay close attention to every word in the Bible.
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The Road to Tyranny - Daily Bible Radio
The Bible is very clear that those who abandon God, will be abandoned by Him.
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A tax bill about growth, not envy
"Please, let's stop with the nonsense about the tax bill favoring businesses and the wealthy over working Americans. Contrary to what Bernie Sanders thinks, what is good for business is good for the working families they employ."
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Long accepted guidelines for dietary fat are found wanting
"Leading members of Congress co-authored this misdirected report that is now being emphatically denounced. From the start it was a political document as much as it was a scientific one."
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Fathers ‘Clued-in’ to God are not ‘Clue-less’
It is the father who points the “arrows” (his children) and sends them on their journey (Psalm 127:4-5) through life. And, it is the good father that uses God’s word to shape the arrows before they are sent.
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The Hard Work of a Responsible Ministry - Daily Bible Radio
Even though God expects funds to be given directly to those who are performing religious ministries, He also expects them to handle those funds responsibly.
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The 'civil right' to a job has history behind it
"The new job numbers caught the attention of Creators columnist Star Parker, who writes in a Jan. 12 column that 6.8 percent is the lowest since 1972. She went on to praise Trump for courting black voters during his campaign after black unemployment peaked at 16 percent in 2010."
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Miracles and God
"God loves you and wants you to know Him so He can fill you with peace and give you real life -- forever."
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Jean-Henri Fabre: Anti-Evolutionist French Scientist
"Though his achievements were great, Fabre pointed to God as his inspiration. He refused to accept the evolutionary doctrine of his day and allowed God to take the credit for creating such a beautiful world."
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