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2:57 AMCarl Gallups on Worldviews - Christ in ProphesyWhat are the differences between the secular and biblical worldviews? Find out with guest Carl Gallups on the show Christ in Prophecy.
3:26 AMJack Hibbs - Living Out Your ChristianityWhat's it going to take to live out your Christianity in today's ever changing world? You'll be challenged and encouraged as Pastor Jack shares his heart and God's Word.
3:55 AMWhen did God create? -- Creation Magazine LIVE!Did God create millions of years ago, or only thousands? Can we know for sure? How accurately can a date be determined? Watch this week's episode for a discussion on these topics.
4:23 AMThe Gospel According to ET? - Mark EastmanIn this segment Chuck Missler discusses the gospel according to ET. This segment comes from the "Alien Encounters" conference published by Koinonia House.
4:33 AMJesus! The Name Above All Names - Part 1 by David HockingJesus! The Name Above All Names - Part 1 by David Hocking
4:53 AMVoddie Baucham - Is Evolution Fact?The Culture War: Origins.
4:54 AMDesign, Deluge and Dilemma - Dr. Jonathan SafartiDr. Jonathan Sarfati is a former New Zealand national chess champion and creationist author with a PhD in chemistry. He works full-time for Creation Ministries International.
5:51 AMThe Watchman: Al Qaeda Expands, Israel PerseveresOn this week's edition of "The Watchman," we analyze the global growth of Al Qaeda and its affiliates in the face of Obama administration denials. Plus, we sit down with Jerusalem-based author Lela Gilbert to discuss her new book...
6:13 AMWretched: Should Christians be for or against this?Wretched: Should Christians be for or against this?
6:16 AMHypercanes Following the Genesis Flood with Dr. Larry Vardiman - OriginsIf the geologic processes of the Genesis Flood were as catastrophic as biblical and scientific evidence suggests, the oceans would have been strongly heated by the release of magma from the mantle and the conversion of geologic work to heat.
6:43 AMComfort Zone: "Is it Faith OR Repentance?!"Comfort Zone: "Is it Faith OR Repentance?!"
7:12 AM"Words Remain" - Josh Garrels"Words Remain" - Josh Garrels

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