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7:49 PMHow to Know God's Will - The Comfort ZoneThe Comfort Zone is a half-hour, weekday program where we answer your questions! Jam-packed with biblical insight, real-world answers, and a lot of fun, this program will stir you up to reach out to the lost! Episode 9.
8:19 PMMovie Review: 'Book Thief' Is Inspiring, Family FriendlyMovie review by CBN News
8:22 PMThe Feasts of Israel - Christ in ProphesyDo the feasts of Israel have prophetic significance? Find out with guest Michael Norten on television's "Christ in Prophecy."
8:50 PMTestimony Faith Like PotatoesWhat God can do through one man who has faith in His word.
8:58 PMBeing A Christian And Avoiding Divorce - Part 1Marriage is under attack and divorce among Christians is epidemic. In this message Pastor Jack helps us understand the safeguards we have when we put God's word into practice.
9:27 PMHENRY V classic reviewHENRY V classic review by Ted Baehr of Movieguide
9:29 PMCreative Genesis Interpretations -- Creation Magazine LIVE!Were the events in Genesis actually historical? Where can we look for clues on how to interpret Genesis?
9:57 PMThe 24 Elders - Chuck MisslerIn this segment Chuck Missler discusses the 24 elders. This segment comes from the "Chronicles" commentary published by Koinonia House.
10:05 PMDavid Jeremiah - The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Of The ChurchDavid Jeremiah - The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Of The Church
10:35 PMJapan Scaling Back on Gas Emissions GoalJapan Scaling Back on Gas Emissions Goal - CBN News
10:36 PMGreat Prophecies of the Bible "The Days of Noah" (Pt 1Great Prophecies of the Bible "The Days of Noah" (Pt 1) Matt 24:36-44 David Hocking. If you have questions or comments or would like to purchase this DVD series and other teaching materials go to: Hope For Today Ministries
10:59 PMJosh Garrels IN:5 -- BelieveYOUR QUESTIONS. THEIR ANSWERS. Singer, songwriter, musician, husband, father, skater and urban shepherd now living in Portland, Oregon. Josh is asked if he has one word that he lives by. His answer is thought provoking and straight to the point. Believe is our second episode with Josh. Special thanks to the Garrels family for letting us into their inner-circle for this special project.

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