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11:45 AMUlitimate Proof - Dr. Jason Lisle on OriginsDr. Lisle presents an ultimate proof for the existence of God and the truth of creation. He goes beyond the battle over "evidence," and demonstrates why and how we are to defend the faith.
12:11 PMEpisode 17 — 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History - Creation LiveThis episode is based on CMI's booklet 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History. It is a summary of some of the major arguments that the Genesis record must be taken as real historical events involving real people. Allegorical or mythological renderings result in massive theological difficulties.
1:11 PMComing in the Clouds - John MacArthur "Let's open the Word of God to the thirteenth chapter of Mark and we have some great challenges to discuss the great event, the culminating event of history of the world, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ."
2:11 PMThe Rapture and the Left Behinds - Christ In ProphesyCan the Rapture be found in the book of Revelation, and if so, where? Find out as Dr. David Reagan interviews a panel of Bible prophecy experts on television's "Christ in Prophecy."
2:40 PMIs Man a Machine? A. E. Wilder-SmithDr. A.E. Wilder-Smith discusses the amazing truth about the human system.
3:36 PMStakelbeck on Terror: Inside Jihad with Tawfik HamidDr. Tawfik Hamid not only knows the enemy of radical islam—as a young man, he was a follower of its ideology. A native of Egypt, Dr. Hamid has since left the world of Islamism behind and is author of the book, Inside Jihad and a leading authority on the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda and the global Islamist movement.
3:58 PMEpisode 18—Astronomy—The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Creation Magazine LiveDr Emil Silvestru is our special guest for this episode on astronomy. Some of the many problems with the Big Bang and other notions of the evolutionary origin of the universe are summarized and contrasted with biblically based explanations.
4:57 PMHomosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality - John MacArthurBut the wrath that is being referred to in Romans 1 isn't any of those. It is the wrath of abandonment. The wrath described here is the wrath that is executed when, according to verses 24, 26 and 28, God gives them over--gives them over, gives them over.
5:52 PMTribulation Salvation and Babylon - Christ In ProphesyCan people be saved during the Tribulation without the Church being there? Find out as Dr. David Reagan interviews a panel of Bible prophecy experts on television's "Christ in Prophecy."
6:21 PMThe Great Debate: Evolution or Creation Wilder-SmithThe Bible says that science itself makes God evident. Even people who don't believe don't have an excuse.
7:38 PMAll Out for Heaven - Dr David JeremiahDon't be so earthly minded that you are no heavenly good!
8:29 PMStakelbeck on Terror: The Truth About the Arab SpringOn this week's episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we're joined by Middle East analyst Michael Widlanski to examine the real reasons behind the recent anti-American riots across the Muslim world. We also show how you can help Israel prepare for the threats gathering against it.

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