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9:51 AMHow natural selection supports a recent creation -- Creation Magazine LIVE!Natural selection is erroneously used as evidence for the evolution of people from a single cell. Actually, new discoveries involving natural selection support Biblical creation and powerfully refute evolution. This episode explains why the changes scientists observe will never lead to the evolution of one kind of animal into another, regardless of how much time is available.
10:19 AMThe Brazen Serpent - Chuck MisslerIn this segment Chuck Missler discusses the brazen serpent. This segment comes from the "Hidden Treasures" briefing pack published by Koinonia House.
10:24 AMMy House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer- Jim CymbalaJesus said, "my house is a house of prayer." So why are most churches non-praying places? Jim Cymbala shares how his church the Brooklyn Tabernacle became a praying church in New York. He also shares his own journey of having a wayward child, and how God spoke to him through that experience.
11:17 AMJosh Turner - Long Black TrainJosh Turner - Long Black Train
11:21 AMJesus! Name Above All Names - Emanuel Part 1Jesus! Name Above All Names - Emanuel Part 1
11:35 AMGenesis 3D Movie Official Mega Trailer!Genesis 3D Movie Official Mega Trailer!
11:45 AM"Epicenter"~The Middle East (Complete Documentary) Joel RosenbergEpicenter is about:Change--big changes, dramatic changes, changes that will transform the world as we know it
12:45 PMSamaritan MinistriesFind out how Christians can help each other and replace health insurance.
12:53 PMThe Watchman: America, Israel and Bible ProphecyOn this edition of The Watchman, we're joined by White House correspondent Bill Koenig and Bible prophecy expert Bill Salus to discuss the America-Israel relationship, the Iran threat and what the Bible says about it.
1:16 PMWretched: Texas pro-choicers chant, "Hail Satan."Wretched: Texas pro-choicers chant, "Hail Satan."
1:17 PMGlobal Warming with Dr. Larry Vardiman - OriginsLarry Vardiman is a creation scientist and educator with a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University. He served as the chairman of the Department of Astro-Geophysics at the Institute for Creation Research's Graduate School since 1989 and has authored many technical papers and books.
1:44 PMWhy Christians Should Believe in a World Wide FloodWhy Christians Should Believe in a World Wide Flood

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