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5:30 PMSalus on Psalm 83 - Christ in ProphesyDoes Psalm 83 foretell the next Middle East war? Find out with guest Bill Salus on the show Christ in Prophecy.
5:59 PMJack Hibbs interviews Dr. Ed HinsdonDo those around you scoff when you tell them Jesus is coming back? The Bible predicted they would. This week on Real Life Pastor Jack discusses the Rapture of the church, the Millennium and the reality of hell with noted author and Biblical scholar Dr. Ed Hindson.
6:27 PMThe relationship between faith and science -- Creation Magazine LIVE!What is the nature of the relationship between faith and science? Can the apparent separation between science and faith ever be eliminated? Many scientists are convinced that evolution happened, does that mean it did? Join the discussion.
6:56 PMJesus' Strange Prediction Part 1 - Chuck MisslerIn this segment Chuck Missler discusses Jesus' strange prediction. This segment comes from the "Alien Encounters" conference published by Koinonia House.
7:09 PMGreat Prophecies of the Bible "Design of Gog - Magog" David Hocking - Part 1Great Prophecies of the Bible "Design of Gog - Magog" Part 1 Ezekiel 38:1 to 39:29 David Hocking
7:30 PMParasitic DNA in the human genome?Is the human genome full of parasites? This might seem like a ridicules question but some researchers suggest that it is.
7:31 PMSix Days of Creation and the Eisegesis Problem, Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, AIGEisegesis? Ken Ham gets to the heart of the debate about the six days of creation. If we read from what the biblical text says (exegesis), it allows only one interpretation-six 24-hour days of Creation. Any other interpretation is eisegesis (when people"read into" the Bible).
8:48 PMFrank Sherwin - Human EvolutionIn this episode, we meet Mr. Frank Sherwin. In this video, he addresses several points.
8:50 PMThe Watchman: Mapping Israel's EnemiesOn this edition of The Watchman, we analyze declining American influence in the Middle East and foreign policy debacles in Egypt, Syria and Iran. We also examine the threats on Israel's borders through a unique set of interactive maps.
9:19 PMWretched: Lady GaGa vs. Roseanne.Wretched: Lady GaGa vs. Roseanne.
9:21 PMOrigins - Continental Sprint with Dr. Steven Austin Part 2Geologist Dr. Steve Austin discusses plate tectonics and a theory called "continental sprint."
9:48 PMWhy The Mother of Harlots - Brannon HowseWhy The Mother of Harlots from Revelation 17?

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