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Amen Me! is a place where you can enjoy the Web from a Christian viewpoint. Members participate by submitting content, and showing agreement by giving Amens! Most of the Web reflects a non-Christian viewpoint. It is the goal of Amen Me! to host a community of Christians that really believe what God says in the Bible. Amen Me! changes frequently, too. All throughout the day, in fact. The most recent sites Amened! are displayed at the top of our content listings. Because this site is focused on Christians, you may have difficulty finding this information any other way.

The content is organized into categories that you can use to pick out the kind of things that you are interested in. As members Amen! sites, they appear on the top of the listings. The number of Amens! goes up each time an Amen! is given. Amen Me! is constantly changing as media is submitted and Amened! throughout the day. There is almost always something new to see, in fact, it can be difficult to keep up.

As a member, you can immediately make a difference. Your Amen! moves great content up the list to make it more visible to others. Each listing has an "Amen" icon next to it. When you click it (as a member) you increase it's popularity.

When you say Amen!, it may also be sent out to Amen Me's Twitter followers. Amen Me currently has more that 630. You can also share sites you like with others by chosing the "AddThis" button under the listing. You can make comments about a submission by clicking on "comments" underneath the listing.

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