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Category: Order:
Good Administration - Daily Bible Radio
For some reason, the Levites didn't show up right away.
Bible Teaching2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Whispering Mountain
Whispering Mountain by Ken Anderson Films is a story of a boy who's summertime visit to his uncle's farm brings him to consider the importance of his actions and his relationship with God.
Entertainment2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Still Soft after 551 Million Years?
"The subject of this more recent find of soft chitin and protein in marine worm fossils should again cause us to seriously question their evolutionary time designations."
Creation/Evolution2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
The goals and importance of church discipline
"Implicit in both of Paul’s admonishments is the idea that a lack of concern for holiness by ignoring sin within the church, or a lack of forgiveness, mercy, and love for the repentant sinner, brings reproach to the Name of Christ in the eyes of both other churches and the world."
Church2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
When God Says "Yes" - Daily Bible Radio
It is a wonderful thing to make a big request to do something truly good for God, and be granted full permission to do it.
Bible Teaching2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
When Things Work Out - Daily Bible Radio
In a simple way, Artaxerxes demonstrates what it means to fear God.
Bible Teaching2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Pence Praises 'the Miracle of Israel,' Pledging to Open US Embassy in Jerusalem in 2019
This is great speech to watch. He sent the message that the United States seeks "fact over fiction." It was also expressed a desire to seek peace. He did appear to advocate pluralism in religion, however.
Israel2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Getting more visitors to your blog using Amen Me
Follow these simple steps to increase your chances of getting more visitors to your blog using Amen Me.
Amen Me! Help2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
The Eastern Gate - Christ in Prophesy
What is the biblical significance of Jerusalem's Eastern Gate? Discover this archaeological treasure with Dr. James Fleming on the show Christ in Prophecy.
Archaeology2r0y • 1 comment • share • flagsave
On Making a Whale
Dr. John D. Morris exposes the significant uncertainty regarding the explanations as to how a whale could have evolved.
Creation/Evolution2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Swaying the opinion: Facts vs. feelings on Blackwater
"Political motivation clearly tainted the Blackwater case, poisoning it with several violations of the rule of law – including the disregarding of evidence that could very well clear one man who's serving a life sentence."
Justice2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
24 ways to earn extra money at home
There are lots of ways to earn extra money by using your cell phones, laptops, etc. The main difficulty we face is to decide the best one for us.
Work • comment • share • flagsave
Revealing corruption must be a 'top priority'
"'The intelligence memo that we have just read is so alarming that it must be immediately disclosed to the American people, and the disclosure of this intelligence document must be a top priority for the country immediately,' he reacted. 'I cannot stress how important that is...'"
Warnings2r0y • comment • share • flagsave
Gay rights activists to Christians: Surrender - or else
For all the insipid talk among its spokesmen about open-mindedness and tolerance, the "gay mafia" is a sworn enemy of both. Case in point: the inane opposition to Indiana's religious freedom bill.
Discernment4Christ • comment • share • flagsave

Random Selection:

The Christmas Star
Dr. Lisle sifts through several scientific explanations of the Christmas star, knocking down some of the "Christmas Card" myths along the way, to reveal what may seem like a surprising conclusion for an astronomer to make.
Discernment2r0y • comment • share • flagsave


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