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Inspirational Bible Verse Illustrations for Encouragement, Hope and Comfort
There is beauty, power, comfort and encouragement in the word of God. No matter the situation, there is an answer to every question to be found in His word. I pray these scriptures bless and encourage you. There is nothing so beautiful as the word of God.
Christianitydarrellcreswell • info • share • flagsave
The Highest Paying Job - Daily Bible Radio
If you want to know what I believe the highest paying job in the world is, this is it.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A Conversation With Bar, An IDF Medic
Experiences of female medic in Israeli Defense Force
IsraelLEADERSHIP • info • share • flagsave
Good Times - Daily Bible Radio
This was probably the best time that Israel ever had as a nation.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
The 'fix' is in at Illinois Human Rights Commission
"Timber Creek bed-and-breakfast owner Jim Walder is facing $80,000 in fines and fees after he stated in 2011 he would not allow a civil union ceremony on his property."
Persecution2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Looks like shoplifting ... but it's not
"There are no check-out lines, cashiers, or grocery baggers; using apps and other technology, customers can enter the store, take items off the shelves, and leave with the products; and a receipt will be emailed to the customer."
Technology2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Max Tax - Daily Bible Radio
This tells us quite a bit about wise tax collecton.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Yes, Trump knew what he was doing
"A conservative activist says President-elect Donald Trump strengthened the hand of the United States, and sent a signal to China, when he picked up the phone last week."
Government2r0y • info • share • flagsave
The Wisdom of Solomon's Cabinet - Daily Bible Radio
Solomon shows us that one of the important things a good leader must do, is to find good people who can be trusted with power and delegate authority to them.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Gay state official challenges group's 'charitable' status
"Lembo is threatening to kick AFA out of the Connecticut State Employees' Campaign for Charitable Giving (CSEC), even though the Mississippi-based group qualifies as a charity under Connecticut's rules."
Justice2r0y • info • share • flagsave
OPEC's influence slipping in the oil world
"Dan Simmons of the Institute for Energy Research doesn't think there is any reason to panic."
Energy2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Trump chooses Ben Carson for HUD secretary
"Carson wrote of the humiliation he felt using food stamps from his mom to pay for bread and milk, and said how he began to excel at school only after receiving a free pair of glasses that allowed him to see the lessons written on chalk boards."
Government2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A King to be Feared - Daily Bible Radio
It is amazing that God has built this natural love in the hearts of natural parents.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A Management Dilemma - Daily Bible Radio
Sometimes I wonder if those who spend their life trying to become a manager, realize the kinds of difficulties they will most likely face.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave

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WalidShoebat.com: Muslims Burn Homosexuals Alive in Cruel Execution
Muslims are committing the heinous crimes & barbarity across the world. As our main stream media ignores & avoids examining the issues. Here is a video of the burning alive of 3 homosexuals. Please be warn Graphic truth is the only way we can awaken people to the evil we face. Please share.
Discernment4Christ • info • share • flagsave

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