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Clinton's radical abortion 'wall' alienates Latinos
"Last week's debate may have been all the evangelical Hispanic community needed to hear to pull the lever for Donald Trump."
Abortion2r0y • info • share • flagsave
When Grace Comes to Town - Daily Bible Radio
God was working in Shimei's life.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Wayne Grudem backing Trump … again and for good
Grudem explains why he will vote for Trump and answers 12 objections. He explains that not voting for Trump is voting for Clinton.
Discernment2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Humbling the Proud - Daily Bible Radio
David was also offering the opportunity for the people who turned against him to repent and be saved.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
PP: Husbands no part in abortion decision
Are they suggesting that only women have the right to choose?
Abortion2r0y • info • share • flagsave
The Way of the Wise - Daily Bible Radio
Joab was doing what he thought was right in his own eyes.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
O'Keefe's 'creative editing' leads to White House
"A conservative activist says Democratic Party leaders should be held accountable for party operatives secretly filmed bragging about causing election-year violence and overseeing election fraud."
Corruption2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Biggest rigging of election ever
"'Never has the machinery of government been more involved in the rigging of a national election than this year,' Bachmann insisted before also blaming the media and urging voters to right the wrong."
Corruption2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Good News and Bad - Daily Bible Radio
These events would have been easier had they had smart phones back then.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
Unwilling to Wait - Daily Bible Radio
Joab directly disobeyed the king's command and intentionally killed his son.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
In Touch Daily Devotional ~ Discovering God's Will
" Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. I have sworn and I will confirm it, That I will keep Your righteous ordinance. (Psalm 119:105-106)
Bible Teaching4Christ • info • share • flagsave
Judge rules church lawsuit can move forward
"Drew Zahn of The Family Leader says Judge Rose suggested churches are not public accommodations."
Justice2r0y • info • share • flagsave
A Leader Worth 10,000 - Daily Bible Radio
It is clear that the people loved David and wanted to protect him.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave
God Takes Notice - Daily Bible Radio
This is the record of the gifts of three men.
Bible Teaching2r0y • info • share • flagsave

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